Calling All Poetry Lovers

May 11th, 2010, by

Despite an ongoing and fruitful debate about the significance of American poetry in “the nation’s civic, democratic, political, and public
,” the literary art form remains an important part our show at least.

During a recent appearance, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Alice Walker read a poem for Tavis — “The World Has Changed.”

So we thought we’d honor all of you poetry lovers out there by rounding up a few readings from the show.

Pulitzer Prize-winning Author Alice Walker
Excerpt from “The World Has Changed”: Wake up and smell the possibility. The world has changed. It did not change without your prayers, without your faith, without your determination to believe in liberation and kindness, without your dancing through the years that had no beat. The world has changed. It did not change without your numbers, your fierce love of self and cosmos. It did not change without your strength.
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Poet, Playwright and Activist Sonia Sanchez
Excerpt from “10 haiku (for Max Roach)”: One. Nothing ends. Every blade of grass remembering your sound, your sound exploding in the universe. Return to Earth in prayer. As you drummed, your hands kept reaching for God. The morning sky so lovely, imitates your laughter.
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Award-winning actor John Lithgow
Excerpt from “No Doctors Today, Thank You,” by Ogden Nash: They tell me that euphoria is the feeling of feeling wonderful. Well, today, I feel euphorian. Today I have the agility of a Greek god and the appetite of a Victorian. Yes, today I may even go forth without my galoshes. Today, I am a swashbuckler – would anybody like me to buckle any swashes?
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Also, be sure to watch Wednesday’s show, when Tavis talks to best-selling author Isabel Allende.

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