Do You Approve of Obama’s Work So Far?

July 22nd, 2009, by

People are not digging his “mom jeans,” and polls show (see Washington Post-ABC News and USA Today-Gallup) that President Obama’s approval rating has slipped some, particularly when it comes to healthcare policy.

He addresses that issue in a primetime news conference Wednesday night calling on lawmakers to move quickly on overhauling healthcare even as hope fades that Congress will pass reform bills by the time it breaks for August recess.

But what do you think about President Obama’s work so far? How about his progress on healthcare policy? Is he doing a good job? Share your thoughts below.

  • Dan Rivers

    I voted for Obama because the alternative was gravely worse. We see now that the real powers that be (Banks, Big business, and entities that can afford high paid lobbyists) are up to their old tricks. While the people of this great country get shafted.
    To take the talking points of the right is as stupid as taking the talking points from the left.
    I hear all kinds of people complaining about the status quo which is killing the middle class, which made the USA stand out in the world. This same bunch of thieves and crooks ran this country into the ground with the tacit consent of those in control of our Gov’t at the time, Who were wined and dined by the lobbyists for those monster corporations and groups with Great money. And who stood for the middle class, NO ONE!
    It was time for a change, it is time for a change and I stand by my vote.

  • Yes We Did

    Yes, I approve of the Presidents works so far. He has done more while in office than many of the Presidents I have watched in their first six months of office. Most were seen on the golf course.
    I do feel the problem is that he has accomplished so much in his first six months of office that it seems like he has been there longer.
    Look what he had inherited left by the last administration who basically disappeared, with the exception of Cheney who decided to show up after his eight years in office. You never seen him except when there was money to be had in Iraq.
    He has also inherited the lazy house and senate who by the way needs to go through obesity training while getting “fat on the taxpayers” money while bottlenecking issues that affect and help the american people get back on track. The bottlenecking has put issues in the forefront because they have not been use to working at a fast pace.
    Our President is smart, healthy and fit and if we could put down the chicken wings and chicken sandwiches in the house and senate—get them back in the thinking mode we can accomplish a great deal in the 3-1/2 years to come.
    Congress must get off their butts and stop the wrangling with our taxpayer dollars and move forward on issues much faster or we will be “voting them off” their cushey seats and send them to the “unemployment office” with the rest of us.
    We will no longer accept the dum stuff as business as unusual on Capitol Hill.

  • Susan

    What did you expect? We ALL knew about his past…His first fund raising event was held in the livingroom of a domestic terrorist, his mentor was a pastor who spews hatred of America and White people,he surrounded himself with shady characters-Got a sweet real estate deal from Tony Rezko (now imprisoned on corrupt charges)He raised funds from all corners of the globe. Dirty Chicago politics in our Nations Capital,huh,Sounds like a juicy novel,but it is reality. And we must deal with it. Whe ALL knew,yet he was elected. Why? because people hated Bush so much that it didn’t matter? Stimulus,Cap & trade,Healthcare. Well, now we must pay the price for the decision. 2012 cannot come soon enough!

  • Bill Gamble

    So far so good!

  • sara

    obviously he is training on job….he has shown no progress, no innovation, no change. this is expected of a person who was simply NOT qualified for the job.
    For those “white” americans who think that it was ONLY the minorities voting for obama, remember that “whites” are 60% of this country’s population. If it hadn’t been for YOUR CHOICE, we would not have this clown in office.

  • William

    Mr. Obama is terribly disappointing.
    Lies about tax cuts, earmarks, lobbyists, transparency, signing statements, GITMO, bows to Kings, etc.
    The new President is even being dishonest about his responsibility regarding his massive Democratic Partisan spending and growth of the Deficits.
    In fact, last night, at the Press Conference, President Obama rewrote the facts about his massive Partisan Pork Spending Bill which neared 800 Billion Dollars. He no longer calls it a ‘Stimulus’ Bill, and refers to this now as a RECOVERY effort. It is fraud, especially watching the new President try to tell us this Bill was not intended to be ‘stimulus’.
    Perhaps the worst aspect of his Presidency, is the lack of class. He ran on ‘change’, being above Partisanship, but seems to be unable to show a security, as he engages in the most rabid Partisan rancor ever encountered as a President in the modern era.
    The juvenile hurry to pass Cap and Trade taxation, the push to pass the “STIMULUS” Bill, the rush to pass the Health Care Reform, etc., is simply absurd. It isn’t professional. The Leadership of Mr. Obama, Mrs. Pelosi, Mr. Reid, are forcing massive reforms without even reading the bills, or even have the legislation completed in a written format.
    He is not uniting, but dividing.
    In fact, President Obama should probably offer an apology, after demeaning and rebuking the former Bush Administration in such a hostile manner for political gain, the Obama Administration has basically adopted nearly all of the Bush Presidency policies in regards to the GWOT.
    Now Mr. Obama is telling Americans, a massive takeover of the Health Care Industry, is not going to raise the Deficit even further?
    It is simply absurd and regretful.

  • Terry

    He’s doing a great job of running this country into the ground. This whole Health Care and Green Jobs is not about Health Care or the Economy. All of his plans are tied to Reparations without having to Give Up the Race Card Victim excuse. He says he is not for Reparations but look at the Many Minority Offices that are included in His Health Care “Reform” package. The Czar that he appointed to oversee his Green Jobs is a self admitted Communist that did Jail time for Anarchy tactics. This is all about Black Nationalism. Wake up America!

  • Stilbil

    Unfortunately although a like-able person, he talks out the side of his neck. Very little if any transparency in his administration. They seem to want to push things past the view of the public in the darkness of night. My Personal Opinion is that he is just a talking head so far. How can U put the say culprits into your Adminstration that where part of the Financial Problem? He is paying back those large organizations/lobbyist who supported him. The GM deal is a clear example of that. Now he wants to Fly through a issue that no one has been able to tackle in a months time-frame, give me a Break! I Concur that it needs to be Addressed, but not with the Speed and the Costs that are still in Play! unfortunately too many Kool-Aid drinkers are still drunk from January and no matter what he says or most importantly do, they just rubber stamp it without ANY Question!
    Plain Stupid in today’s environment. The Country can longer afford the Buffoonery that Our Top Elected official Pass off as some great achievements. Wall Street/ Goldman Sach raided the Treasury right up under the Public nose, any No ones going to Jail! Unless Americans stop playing this stupid Political game of Chicken, we will all wake up needing a Translation book to speak another language. People need to wake up and stop getting one point of view, learn where your news is coming from, balance it out, then decide. So to shorten my comments, I Give him A for his Talk, but a D for his Walk! If he could cut loose the extremist in his Party he would be fine! Unfortunately, he would not repeat if he accomplished that! Oops I forgot, that why the Dems are processing the illegal Aliens as we speak! Wow What A country, gotta Love it!
    What’s Up with All those Czars? Scary stuff!!!

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