Earth Day Round-up

April 22nd, 2010, by

Earth Day turns 40 today. So we thought we’d honor the day by giving you a roundup of past conversations from the show about our wonderful planet.

Environmentalist Annie Leonard
“All of the stuff in our lives has this whole life before it comes to us
in the metals where it’s mined, in the forests where the trees are
felled, in the oceans where the fish are drawn, in the factories where
children and women are working hard to make this stuff…
Then it comes to us. We have it for minutes sometimes, throw it away,
and then it goes to some dump or incinerator, often back overseas.”  Watch interview

Green Jobs Advocate Van Jones
“We need jobs in America, and right now if you want the jobs of tomorrow
you have to make the products of tomorrow… I do not want to see this country go from importing dirty energy from
the Middle East to importing clean energy technology from China and skip
all the jobs in the middle. So to me, that’s the common ground, and the
reason that this green jobs movement I think is so important.”  Watch interview

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson
“Still today… some people think that the environment is
not an issue for people of color, and I hope that if nothing else I’m a
very vibrant symbol of the fact that people of color should see
themselves in the environmental movement. It’s extraordinarily important
to them and their families.
Watch interview

Also, be sure to watch tonight’s show with economics journalist Steven Solomon, who warns that access to fresh water will replace oil as the primary cause of global conflicts.

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