Have You Lost Healthcare Coverage Because of the Recession?

November 11th, 2009, byStaff

As the House managed to pass a healthcare reform bill over the weekend, the recession continued to impact the ability of American families to maintain healthcare coverage. In October alone, the unemployment rate rose from 9.8 to 10.2 percent.

So we want to hear from you.

Have you lost healthcare coverage because of the recession? Please share your story and it may be included in an upcoming video blog.

And for more on this issue, visit our site for the “PBS Special Report on Healthcare Reform.” 

  • Ms. Anitra Johnson

    I know all too well about the effects of the recession. Earlier this year, I was downsized from a company that I couldn’t even afford to take advantage of the medical benefits. I transferred to a company that the cost of the benefits were approximately one-third of my monthly salary. At this present time, I am unemployed. I did manage to get coverage for my son, who is a high school senior. As for myself, I am uninsured. I discovered that there are many people across this country that are categorized “The Working Uninsured”-You go to work everyday and yet either you can’t afford the medical coverage or your company doesn’t offer any. I decided that while looking for work, I enrolled back into school. I believe that the Healthcare Reform may not be the full solution, but it is a start toward addressing the problem.

  • Donahue Golden

    lost my job two years ago, , been looking after comming b ack to florida, i am 50, a 14year vet , and the last i tryed to get emergency medical assistance, i was turn downed them saying well fare and assistance is overtask, they are only helping pregnate mothers and elderly, all i see in the wellfare office is hispanick mostly, and to think i payed all those taxes for 35years camt afford healh care ,blessed to have a roof over my head allow by a relative. thanks for listening

  • Denise Dugan

    I am a professional photographer and my husband is the primary earner of the family. My husband started a new job two years ago after being unemployed for almost two years. Trying to play catch up and keep our house, we were not able to afford the $600 a month for health insurance for our family. We have two children, a girl 17 and a boy 12. While we are healthy, my children haven’t been able to see their pediatrician for normal check ups or go to the dentist. While we had the insurance we still had to pay a copayment and our prescriptions weren’t covered. The dental only covered check ups and a small percentage of proceedures. We couldn’t afford to get sick and were paying over $600 a month. No parent should have to be in this position. The greed in this country astounds me. I did have to go to the emergency room while we were covered and for sitting in a chair and the doctor “prescribing” me vicodin and sucking on sour candy ( I had a clogged salivary gland) I was charged over $1500 of which $885 I have to pay. It was like having no insurance at all. I could go on. Needless to say it’s very disconcerting.

  • b

    Laid off in Sept of 08. Affluent Software company didn’t even offer 1 day of health care coverage as part of our severance. Cobra was so cost prohibitive that no health care coverage was the only other option.
    Thankfully I had some savings that I have totally depleted now.
    Cobra is over a third of my unemployment but i have to pay it becuase of a health condition I had when I was laid off.
    People think that they have a job and have good health care coverage and that this can never happen to them so why should they be worried. WHo needs a public option. WE NEED a public option. I worked for my company for 10 years and many of the other folks who were laid off were 20 year veterans of the company one with a spouse who has cancer. What do you do when that happens?
    It is criminal what companies are allowed to do to their employees in the US.
    Cobra runs out in a few months …so does unemployment. What then?
    Public health assistance in my state has a waiting list with an unknown time frame.

  • DEAN.

    I am a 52 year old with mutiple health problems. Arthritis, high blood pressure, tyroid disease and I’m also showing early signs of parkinson’s disease I also walk with a cane because of the arthritis in both knees. I had a total knee replacement last November, in that same month I lost my job and insurance. I’m on my second tier of my unemployment. It’s hard to find a job because of all my health problems. A follow up for my knee replacement was suppose to be last month, I can’t afford to go. And my knee is more painful than it was before the surgery. I’m living on a wing and a prayer but still hopeful. Wth the passing of the healthcare reform, I’m hopeful that it will be, at least, a big part of the solution to the broken healthcare system.

  • Bateaux1999

    Dean, I can’t believe that you are 52 years old with the health problems that you have.
    I am 57 years old and have taken vitamins for over 30 years, I suffer from sickle cell anemia brought on by slavery but I refuse to be sick. My family is of Carribean decent (French British West Indies).
    Never been hospitalized, seen many doctors. My mother never wanted me to become dependent on my disease to control me. It worked.
    What I have learned in my journey is that ” your blood pressure ” controls every aspect of your health. When my blood pressure is out of “wack” I will eat any and everything. With that comes a myriad of problems. My sugar goes up, drinking soda makes my bones hurt and I am body-aged with aches and pains, headaches and just plain sick.
    Once the blood pressure is under control I eat what I want and never want to over eat.
    I have no wrinkles, can still have children / babies (monthly cycle)and most people don’t know how old I am unless I tell them and they think I’m lying.
    Milk (Soy Milk) does a body good, but people won’t try it. They would rather have Soy sauce with all of it salt and MSG (MONO SODIUM GLUTIMATE).
    I work for WalMart so I am on my feet about 7 hours a day which keeps the body moving, rather than sit back in retirement doing nothing while waiting for a Heart Attack, Stroke or countless surgeries to put a “humptey dumptey body” back together again.
    You must be pro-active in taking care of your health yourself and not rely on Doctors to “patch you up” and put synthetic drugs in your system for a temporary fix. This is not what God wanted. He gave us perfect bodies to work out in the Wilderness. I won’t allow anyone to “de-gut me” for the sake of healthcare reform. I came here with all my body parts and I will be leaving with them except for scientific study – cremation.
    My Grandfather was 62 when my daddy was born, and 72 when his younger brother was born. He had 24 children (none were born mentally handicapped), my daddy was number 23 and Grandpapa raised every single one of his children on a Mississippi farm. He was never ill or sick hospitalized. He died at 92.
    Unfortunately, my papa had an enlarged heart and other health problems and died at the age of 52 of Pnuemonia and mother of a massive heart attack age 48 from anorexia after papa’s death and smoking she took up afterwards.
    What we know today is that “being pro-active” and not “pro-dependent” on healthcare save lives, your life is worth YOU taking charge and leaving stress and I can’t behind.
    God Bless you moving forward!

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