Iraq’s ‘Day of Sovereignty’

June 30th, 2009, by

Talk about a celebration. Iraqis took to the streets to celebrate step one in U.S. troop withdrawal—removing U.S. troops from cities and towns across the country.

June 30th was declared “National Sovereignty Day” as Iraqi security forces took over control of Iraqi cities from U.S. troops six years after the U.S.-led invasion.

Seemingly emphasizing just how significant it is that Iraq would now be securing its own urban areas, a car bomb attack in Northern Iraq cut short the festivities, killed at least 20 people and injured 40.

“Those who think that Iraqis are not able to protect their country and that the withdrawal of foreign forces will create a security vacuum are committing a big mistake,” Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki said Tuesday in a televised address.

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