Is President Obama Too Tepid on Race?

February 10th, 2010, by


There has been discussion recently among black leaders and scholars about how President Obama, this nation’s first African American president, is handling race.

What do you think? Has President Obama done “enough” for African Americans? And what is “enough?” Has the president been too tepid on race?

Please share your thoughts and opinions below, and they may be included in an upcoming video blog.

  • Casey Bridgeford

    I think that the President has passed opportunities to to address issues affecting the Black community both directly and figuratively.
    Though we are American’s, black people identify with the pain of Haiti. when our President had an opportunity to go and be with those hurting, he was campaigning to try to keep a Democratic Senate Seat from being occupied by a republican.
    As a black man, I believe that it is my responsibility to push the president that I helped elect to be the best he can be for my people.
    For the Haiti example, I wrote the following letter to the president:
    Mr. President,
    As important as reseating a democrat in Sen. Kennedy’s seat is, I believe you have missed a golden opportunity to show the world what is MOST important.
    Right now over 200,000 are dead in Haiti. You should be there. You should have been there! You should have remotely(from Haiti) spoke about your support for the democratic candidate for Sen. Ted Kennedy’s seat.
    This is what people need to see from their President; a change of priorities! We need our president to show us that it is not politics as usual. That seat is very instrumental to all that you are trying to accomplish. We understand this.
    We also understand that the one thing that the people of Haiti need; more than money is HOPE. You are the great hope dealer of our time.
    Please wake up Mr. President and visit those who are suffering.
    Casey Bridgeford

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