It’s So “Random” and “Spreading Like Wildfire”

February 6th, 2009, by

If you have a Facebook account, then you already know about the latest social networking craze – “25 Random Things About Me.” The chain-letter style list has annoyed some (The Washington Post and Time) and has been defended by others (The Huffington Post). Slate is trying to track down the origins (no one, including Facebook, knows how it got started). And California Attorney General Jerry Brown’s list (yes, he’s on Facebook) reveals the following: “I was a cheerleader at St. Ignatius High School.”

As you can imagine, since each list requires the writer to tag 25 people who then make lists and tag 25 other people, the “random” list is “spreading like wildfire.” And it all coincides rather neatly with Facebook’s five-year anniversary. Hmmmm …

  • Stephen Glass

    Yes, I wrote a 25 Random Things list and here it is:
    1. I enjoy watching the same movies over and over…like Coming To America, Lean on Me and Trading Places, to name a few. They give me great joy. I really like to memorize lines from movies and quote them at times.
    2. I love watching football on all levels: pop warner, high school, college, and professional. Partly because I wanted to play football in high school but we didn’t have a team. Had we fielded a team, I would have happily played.
    3. I am comfortable in my own skin…now. When I was in elementary school, after my parents divorced, my mom and I moved quite a bit. Like thirteen or fourteen times. Race was absolutely an issue in those early days. I was the only black person at most every school I attended but I made friends with most everyone. Strangely, all of my friends had a black friend (me), but I didn’t have one for years. Not until Derrick Hodges came into my life. Nevertheless, I was “confused” about how to fit into my surroundings as a young black boy. I did not “act black” enough or at all. It was complicated. I deal with that portion today too. My identity issues aided in my decision to attend Morehouse College. This experience allowed me to appreciate my heritage and myself.
    4. Listening to music is necessary for me to have a good day. I love music. In fact, hip hop saved my life (apologies to Lupe). I have loved hip hop (or rap) since I first heard the Sugar Hill Gang in 5th grade. I am thankful for hip hop and its many manifestations. Right now I am appreciating Charles Hamilton.
    5. I am sad about NPR’s News and Notes going off the air in March 2009. I have enjoyed Farai Chideya for many years on the radio…most recently on NPR. She facilitates a roundtable that allowed me to hear varied opinions and perspectives on politics, culture, music, etc. I have become a better person because of it. I hope she lands on her feet.
    6. I love writing poetry, but haven’t penned a poem in several years. I used to write poetry to my high school and college girlfriends. I seemed to stop writing in 1998. I plan on writing about some other things.
    7. If I could go back to law school right now, I would. I am happy as a high school administrator, but my heart is in the law. Some of the frustration I regularly feel is from the fact that I did not finish law school.
    8. I used to be afraid to fly, but have since learned to deal with it.
    9. I think about my mom and dad daily.
    10. I want to better understand death because I think it will help me appreciate life more. I’m not afraid to die. I have been surrounded by it. I have always been a little afraid to live. I mean, I life to laugh and have fun, but dying always seemed more than inevitable. In church we talked about dying and the afterlife. In Masonry, we talked about dying and those we will leave behind. I have seriously dealt with the present.
    11. I love going to the barbershop. My first recollection of a barbershop was when my dad took me to Rev. Jackson’s shop in Long Beach on Atlantic Blvd. near Long Beach Poly. It was always early on a Saturday morning. The trick was this: if I stayed awake, I could keep SOME hair. But if fell asleep, I’d get a bald fade. I always got the baldy. Now I go to Panama Joe’s in Irvine as often as I can. If I could, I’d rent my own chair. There’s something special about the barbershop to me. If you ever want to go with me and just chill, let me know.
    12. I’ve hurt some people in my lifetime (unintentionally). I sincerely ask their forgiveness (if I haven’t asked your forgiveness personally).
    13. I have been hurt numerous times by people — intentionally and unintentionally. I forgive you…even if you haven’t asked for forgiveness.
    14. If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be in a villa on a beach in with my closest friends. Just a big compound where we can hang out and play all day.
    15. I love my brother and sisters very much. Being an only child for 11 years was all I knew. I wished for siblings forever. Then on October 19, 1979, my sister, Leah came into the world. Then a bit later, my brother Jason, on July 20, 1981. My life would never be the same. Everything I did was for them. I would hug them and love them and do all I could for them. They were like my own children. I love the other four girls too…no disrespect.
    16. I want to become a billionaire so that I can take all of the black boys out of these schools that are failing them, and hire the best teachers (people that care about them) and educate them to be entrepreneurs and leaders.
    17. Race is not a biological concept. It is socially constructed. Folks are influenced by the environment in which we live, but our physical features are inherited from our biology. If we all traced our family trees 50,000 years back, we’re all in Ethiopia…that’s in Africa.
    18. I pray for President Obama every night.
    19. To celebrate BLACK HISTORY MONTH, twenty people (parents/students/and I) began a book club this week. We are reading DREAMS FROM MY FATHER by President Obama.
    (Last five…)
    20. I am thankful for Sheryl Anderson. I have always wanted someone to love me…just love me. She does that. She accepts me for who I am, she puts up with my undesirable personality traits, bad habits and quirks, she has my best interest in mind when she makes decisions, and takes care of me when I’m sick — just to name a few things. I can honestly say, no one has ever loved me like Sheryl has. Thank you, Sheryl. I love you back.
    21. I am realizing more and more that I am a poor listener. My goal is to listen to a person without interrupting…then talk when a sufficient amount of time has passed, I will speak. (Sigh)
    22. I love my iPod, but I tolerate my iPhone. Its annoying that I miss so many calls, but I love the portability of my iPod. Thank goodness I have them both.
    23. I am going to run for City Council.
    24. I think I’ll be a good father one day. I have not been bless with a family of my own yet, but when it happens, I’ll be ready.
    25. I think I will do another one of these notes…but it will not be random this time. Stay tuned.

  • Nichole

    These list are the equivalent of e-mail forwards! Hated it. As my Facebook status on Jan. 28 indicated (Nichole is not participating in the 25 Random Things meme…), I refuse to take part. And now there’s the one-word list. Ugh. Stop it already. I liked Facebook better when I wasn’t inundated with “random” and useless information. Thank God it’s opt-in/opt-out and I can “ignore” people.

  • Dominick Brady

    It’s annoying to constantly be tagged for such a thing. I’d rather ignore those lists and other nonsense. I use social media to stay connected to family and friends. Not to be inundated with nonsense.

  • Rebecca Carpenter

    I wrote one, but didn’t tag anyone except the friend who had tagged me (to let him know I had done as requested). Instead, I invited everyone to write one. And I thought it was fun.
    For the past several years I’ve seen similar memes on LiveJournal, so I figured someone on Facebook had imported the notion.

  • Vanessa Gibson

    I have written a 25 random note on FB. I actually have gotten notes thanking me for sharing. I also received notes from friends and learned information that I did not know. I am shocked over the attention this is getting!

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