It’s Women’s History Month!

March 10th, 2009, by

It’s National Women’s History Month. So, here’s a round-up of tidbits and interesting articles in honor of the month. Be sure to tell us your Women’s History favorites as well.

1)    Go to the National Women’s History Project to find out how Women’s History Month got started or what the 2009 theme is (hint: it’s green).

2)    Want a quick snapshot of U.S. women today? Check out CNN Student Newsone-sheet for Women’s History Month.

3)    Bitch magazine’s weekly “Adventures in Feministory” has an interesting post about “The Night Witches” (Note: they flew at night, but they weren’t really witches).

4)    What else can you read this month? Books, books and more books for, by and about women, of course!

5)    And even is getting in on the Women’s History action. Check out their history of girls high school basketball.

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