Lena Horne: 1917 – 2010

May 10th, 2010, byStaff


She was admired for her talent and activism and considered one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Praise for Lena Horne extends to the strength of her convictions, as she changed the image of African American women in Hollywood by refusing to be cast in stereotypical roles as a maid.

The 92-year-old singer, actress and activist died Sunday (Mother’s Day) at New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

Be sure to share your favorite Lena Horne songs, films, facts and anecdotes, and check out the tribute Tavis pays to Horne on tonight’s show.

  • R T Arcand

    Thank You Lord for sharing perhaps the most classy entertainer the world has ever seen. Love light and truth obviously guided her every step,giving encouragement to us all that no mater what the challenge, it can be a tool not only to develop ones own integrity, but that a challange overcome can effect the world.
    Welcome home Lena.

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