Lupe Fiasco: “The system is flawed…”

March 9th, 2011, by

Photo by: Van Evers, TS Media, Inc.
Photo by: Van Evers, TS Media, Inc.

Rap artist Lupe Fiasco says he has no problem taking President Obama to task, even though it might not go over well with some of the fans of his music.

“I respect him. And I love him as a brother,” says the Chicago native, whose long-awaited third album “Lasers” is out this week. “But there’s some serious issues.”

In the clip below and on the show tonight, Fiasco offers his take on U.S. involvement in Afghanistan, addresses an economic system that he believes is “flawed” and explains why he had concerns about President Obama from the beginning.

“You judge a man on his actions,” says Fiasco. “You don’t judge a man on his words.”

Be sure to check out the clip, tune in tonight for the full conversation and weigh in.

  • Ikalean Wilkerson

    Don’t you realize you can’t change everything at once. A baby crawls before he walks. There are a lot of wolves in the system who would kill him before he could get many problems fixed. One step at a time. You see the fight just for healthcare. Hold on young blood and work so you can become the next one to fix the problems you see.

  • Elizabeth

    Well said Lupe. It’s the system that’s flawed. The energy and excitment that was used to elect President Obama should now be used to make some real changes. We need people like you to help organize the revolution.

  • Vincent L. Davis

    I will be the first to say that Obama is a good man and has very unique challenges! However, I don’t find him to be a very principled man. When he stands up and says, “right is right and for this particular issue there is no compromise”, I will support him more. Simply put, “there is never a wrong time to do the right thing!” Otherwise, maintaining the status quo via placates and appeasements gets us no where! He was sent to Washington to do a specific job and for the poor people and working class of this nation there is no change! As a matter of fact its gotten worse! And I have a problem with that! Therefore, “racial reasoning” is wrong on every level! Lupe takes a similar view. He doesn’t so much blame Obama as he does the system behind him and there is substantial truth to his claims. In my book, anyone who speaks out against “The System / Empire/ Imperialism/ Maintaining The Status Quo” in truth, is necessary and a “good” thing! Long live, Lupe!!!

  • Nikolai G.

    VERY well said. It’s about the system. Now I wanna go buy his album.

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