“Master of the Mic”

April 6th, 2011, byStaff

Most know award-winning veteran talk show host Larry King from his signature CNN program. He’s also a very funny guy. Even though King turns the tables on Tavis by asking the questions in a two-part conversation airing this week, Tavis couldn’t resist moving back into his usual role, if only for a moment.

Watch this preview clip of King describing his upcoming comedy tour, and tune in this Thursday and Friday as the two talkers reflect on their combined 70+ years of broadcasting experience.

  • Jean D

    Loved the interview. Tavis, I admire your attitude. Great insight on life.

  • Jasmin

    Great show. Thank you Tavis for reaching back, as I view (the brief insight) of your book as someone who has made a success of their life revealing the path you took to get there. I am sure that this is not all you have done. But I am so frustrated that more of our community have not done more to help someone else achieve. I love PBS and just wish more of us would take the time to watch this channel and become more informed about the world they live in. In my humble opinion you do present alternative views to provoke a different way to view a topic. Once again thank you for this program and for the book I look forward to reading it.

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