Michael Jackson Dies

June 25th, 2009, by

Legendary pop star Michael Jackson died Thursday at a Los Angeles hospital.

Check out Jackson obits from USA Today and

Take a look at photo galleries of MJ from the Los Angeles Times and BBC News, and check out the Michael Jackson YouTube channel.

Michael Jackson was occasionally a topic of discussion on the show. In a conversation a few months before his death, Tavis talked with singer-songwriter James Ingram about working with the “King of Pop.” Also Grammy-winning artist Ne-Yo discussed being compared to Jackson in his 2007 appearance.

Share your MJ thoughts, memories and favorite songs below.

  • (anonymous)

    Teaching summer school, I let the students listen to music that they choose that is censored by me. This past week, we listened to “Black or White.” A few had never heard it, but the ones who had really liked it. My personal favorites are “Off the Wall” and “Man in the Mirror.”

  • Rolanda

    Now, Michael will finally have in Heaven the childhood he missed and the adult peace he sought on Earth. My favorite song by MJ is “Lady In My Life”.

  • Alicia

    Feel as if I have lost a part of my childhood today with Mike and Farrah.
    My favorite song will always be ,,,,”She’s Out Of My Life”
    Love u Michael and Farrah….Rest In Peace U Beautiful Angels!

  • Kyle Younger

    “One Day In Your Life” is one of my favorite songs that my band has played for a couple of years. It will now take on new meaning for us. God Bless and Rest In Peace.



  • Michael

    Got to be there…
    I remember singing this when I was a kid to a girl in my basement in Philly while “slow draging” surrounded by aafroa velvet paintings, illuminated by ablue litesaa

  • Valerie Cooksey

    Hi Tavis.. Michael Jackson will live forever through is music and iconography. Pls do a tribute to MJ..someone needs to create a music museum or something on his behalf…

  • H20Diva

    You were my first crush and my first concert in 1970. My pre teen and teen years were filled with the songs you and your brothers sang. I knew the words to every song on most of the J5 albums. One of my favorites songs is “Ben”. RIP Michael, you left this world too young but you had a huge impact on the world.


    I’m devastated, Michael Jackson and the Jacksons, were the soundtrack of my like. Growing up in Motown, being a fan club member, seeing them in concert made him timeless and ageless. Even with his struggles.
    I’ll Be There, Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough and Man in the Mirror” *tears*

  • KokoKashmere

    Michael Jackson was a very special gift given to this world. He was often misunderstood and I sense lonely at times. He is in a place where he will never be judged again. God bless you Michael rest in peace gentle spirit your presence left an imprint all over the world.


    I can’t believe this. I’m 23 years old, MJ was my very first favorite singer. And the fact that my mom can say the exact same thing says a great deal to how much of a classic, iconic career MJ had. This is a shocking, tragic loss. My prayers and condolences go out to his family, especially his children.

  • Kim Robinson

    In shock, never can say goodbye comes to mind… Rest in Peace Michael. Keep his family in your prayers

  • Dave Jackson

    I grew up in the 80’s in Detroit, Michael was our hero, he was our image and truly the soundtrack to our lives. He lived through a terrible life that was never talked about. He pressed on and changed the world in spite of it all.. The first time I saw Thriller I thought Michael Jackson could do magic. His effect on me and how I saw music can never be replaced, RIP MJ…

  • manchild

    Mike made it cool to be black again…its sad that he
    is gone,its also sad that peeps want to dwell on his
    past charges and not on his talent. Stardom killed

  • Ryan

    He really created a sound and a world with his music. Looking at his videos and listening to his songs were like stepping into another world. Great artist who will be missed.

  • De’Anna Weeks

    I am heartbroken, speechless and mortified.I can not believe we lost a great person today. I will never recover from this. I loved Michael Jackson with all my heart and soul. I loved all his albums his house his children. Even when he went a little crazy like we all do sometimes i still loved him. I know Chris Tucker is devastated. That was his best friend. At least he was fortunated to have known him. I love you Michael. Try to rest in peace.

  • Brian Donald

    Michael was a gifted individual and will truly be missed. My mother had some of his “records” from when he was a kid and I remember playing osme of them on my little toy record player. She later bought me a new record player along with the Jacksons’ “Triumph” album. Fast forwarding a few years, I remember a group of us gathering around the TV’s in K-Mart to watch Thriller. I was in awe.

  • christine

    no artist could compare, one does not even ever have the appropiate words to say at this time. Micheal absent from this world but his music will be forever present

  • (anonymous)


  • Rae

    Michael Jackson had a long career. Being that I am an 80’s child I think back to Jr/High School School when everyone wore sequined gloves,the Beat it Jackets, and the big celebrity buttons on their shirts. We even had a few convincing impersonators. There are so many favorites but if I were to pick my Top 3 They Would be:
    1. Thriller
    2. Man in The Mirror
    3. Rock with you.
    R.I P. Michael Jackson

  • Lesley Turay

    The only good memory that I have of my bio mom before we were separated was me on her lap at a Jackson and 5 concert. I have still yet to know her and I now I my memory is has faded since Micheal is gone now. I grow up loving and remembering seeing him on that stage and Janet is like the sister I never had. He will be missed

  • Sharon

    I am just still in complete shock. As of this very moment, I am remembering all the great memories in my junior high days about “Thiller”, and my high school days about “Bad”. Many countless memories made w/ these songs as the backdrop of dances, parties, picnics, life and all.
    I can’t even to begin to explain how beside myself I am about this, it seems unreal.
    Unique and talented, there will never be another…

  • Ruth Bradford

    I remember where I was the first time I heard “The Jackson Five” on the radio, as a young teenager, seeing them on “The Ed Sullivan Show”, and watching all the brothers grow up before my eyes. What a gift the world has been given.
    Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.
    Michael gave the world many breath taking moments.

  • Rosalind Rosa

    As a young child I can remember creating a scrapbook of Michael Jackson. I collected all his things right down to the bubble gum wrapings. My daughter who is 13 yrss old found that book while visiting my parents. We looked at that book after hearing the news. I am speechless, and sadden. He will be greatly missed. Michael God has called you home REST my friend.

  • (anonymous)

    Michael will truly be missed. Scream was my favorite video! No greater brother/sister duo!

  • Taleashia Adeyinka

    I’m in total shock. My heart is hurting. The world has lost the GREATEST music legend of all time. Recently I have been listening to Michael’s music and watching video footage of him. My favorite songs of Michael are “Got to Be There”, “Human Nature,” “Off the Wall,”Don’t stop till you get enough,” I just can’t stop lovin you,” and many more. He will be missed here in the U.S. and around the world.

  • Candi Anderson

    God bless him. I always hoped for a Jackson Five reunion…they are my absolute favorites! Doctor my eyes, is my favorite song they’ve ever done. RIP Michael Jackson!!!

  • shawn

    I am truly hurt from the loss of MJ, My affections were and always will be of the Michael before the controversy and charges. The Michael who was so magical and talented, who created genius workings, Your impact is so wide spread, may your spirit soar and be at rest and peace.

  • Catherine McConneyhead

    MJ will surly be miss by many. I was sadden when I got the news of his passing. Rest In Peace Michael Jackson I LOVE U!

  • K. Le Blanc

    We lost an Icon today, Michael Jackson. I am deeply sadden and sick, as I grew up listening to him, there will never be another artist like him again. He will be sorely missed and loved!!!

  • rue palmer

    You know what we all will go one day ,but for michael,he was not sick or anything like that,that is what make it hard,but its true and what can we do,god hand is final,so we say give thanks for all his works and may his soul rest in peace with his maker,he is in a better place tonight,,we give praises for life god and prosperity,,walk good..

  • Regina Greene

    I am completely devastated, I grew up listening to MJ, I was 18, and he was 11 when the song “Ben” came out. I would listen for hours and hours. I am completely in shock, and I am sorry I was never able to see MJ in concert. All the records stores in San Diego are selling out of MJ music. He will live on in our hearts, and he was the greatest entertainer of all times. I truly hope MJ can finally rest in peace, and all the artist who were influenced by MJ, will pay homage to MJ. Rest in Peace, and my condolences to the Jackson Family

  • Tonya Thomas

    When you understand the true meaning of a brand and a icon you understand how to get that status on a global level. I don’t think there has ever been a brand or icon bigger than Michael Jackson in my life time, other than our current president. Michael Jackson understood that just having talent wasn’t going to keep people talking. You have to have talent and be an enigma. You have to be an entrepreneur and have control of your image. You have possess that X-factor that makes you larger than life. You have to push the envelope creatively and not care. You have to have a humanitarian spirit to want to give back that which was given. You have to believe in yourself enough to have people of all cultures and beliefs to believe in you! This man had a global presence. We shall never see another Michael Jackson. RIP

  • Zina

    Most would agree no matter how controversial, Michael Jackson held a special place in the hearts of many. When it came to dance, music and music videos Michael Jackson was ahead of his time, he was personified perfection. Rarely, would I buy a CD and regret purchasing it. Michael Jackson will be missed.

  • Sebrina

    Wow, can’t believe the news of Michael Jackson. My prayers go out to his family. One of my fondest memories of him were his videos. I loved watching him dance and do the unthinkable, just like in Smooth Criminal. That video was amazing with all the moves. The music industry has truly lost a giant.

  • Jill Louise

    God Bless the Jackson family. Michael left us too early. The tears don’t hurt, but the ache does. Memories go way back into my childhood. We grew up singing along with his music being played on the turntable. He was like the brother I never had. Good bye Michael, God loves you!

  • Ms dottiej

    I have no words to describe how I feel about the news of Michael’s passing. It’s unbelievable. It’s almost like I’ve lost a close family member. I’m too stunned to shed any tears. My heart is heavy. My condolences to his family.

  • Linsy

    As long as I have known music, I have known Michael Jackson. May peace be with his loved ones as they – and the world – mourn this great loss.

  • Lisa

    I am still in disbelief of the transitioning of our dear brother Michael. May his love and spirit never let us forget, all he wanted and everything he did was full of love.

  • Michele Earney

    Fireflies, and a sliver of the moon.
    Baseball field lights
    As I watch the ball zoom.
    Past the guy in centerfield, I know it’s heading for the stars. Truth be told you always are ~ the star of stars. This is to you MJ with love.

  • Maryann

    I sat in my family room and watched as the Anchor reported Michael’s death. It was a surreal moment to say the least as the news hit me. I listened to the Anchors over various news channels report how his life would be disected and would be remembered for all his high and lows. As a layperson I knew at that moment that in my eyes and, I’m sure, in most people’s lives we are not thinking about the sensationalism the news brings regarding the highs and lows of Michael’s life but about this exceptional person that was given an incredible gift and steered his life into Superstardom. His music is timeless. I will miss you.

  • (anonymous)

    I remember watching the Thriller video for the first time with my big brother. I also remember working hard babysitting during the summer to make money to buy the Michael Jackson red leather jacket and studded belt . God bless him and his family. I hope he made it to heaven.

  • Tawana M. Williams

    I am still coming to terms with the news of his death, it’s so unreal. We have lost a truly iconic figure, and there will never be another like Mr. Michael Jackson. My favorite album is Off the Wall and my favorite video is Do you remember the time. My prayers are with his family and friends.

  • tiana

    i can not believe this, i felt as if i have lost a uncle, this man has raised me with his wisdom, and his beliefs, that this world should be color blind, his character was assisanted several times, and it never stopped him, my prayers goes out to his family

  • Renee B

    Thank you Michael for sharing and demonstrating what true genius and perfection can exist. I first saw you when I was 9 as the Jackson 5. I will celebrate your life and love for humanity and people. May God bless you. (Man in the Mirror, You are not Alone, Earth Song, Gone too Soon) You were ahead of your time. I Love you and will miss you tremendously.

  • Alithia S

    This day, the world lost a superstar. Today Michael Jackson found what I believe he spent his whole life searching for… Peace.
    My heart has always gone out to Michael. Beneath the entertainment enigma, there was a sad, lonely and deeply conflicted person. A little boy who never got to be a child, a man who never had a true friend. A frail, shy person who desperately wanted to live, but with no idea how to make up for the childhood he never had or how to deal with the demons of his past. A man who had achieved such super-stardom that he sat all alone at the top.
    Having been a Michael Jackson fan since 1978, this has been a surreal day. I grew up with his music and the whole Michael Jackson phenomenon. He was a an icon- He was The King of Pop. And what a king he was! A true Master of his craft – An entertainer extraordinaire. Michael was a true pioneer and he revolutionized the music industry. His influence on other artists and artists yet to be is unquestionable. He was a singular individual . There will never be another Michael Jackson, and his brilliance will live on forever in his music.
    May he be at peace.
    First star to the right, Michael, and straight on ’til morning. God’s Speed!

  • MeShell

    My Prayers go out to the Jackson family….Michael will be missed!

  • Antoinette Ferrell

    I’ve been in awe of Michael Jackson & his brothers since I was a young girl; collecting their music, memorizing the songs & dance moves, attending the concerts, etc. Once I babysat my then 2 yr. old niece & she was having a tantrum, crying uncontrollably. I said “Angellyca look at this really cool new video, this is Michael Jackson, just watch him”. She stopped crying & was mesmerized. I had to record it back to back repeatedly on a 60 minute videotape to keep her calm. We played it for months until the poor tape broke. 17 years later we both still love the ‘Remember The Time’ video! May GOD bless & comfort the Jackson family & loved ones in Jesus’ name! May your sweet spirit finally rest in peace Michael Joseph Jackson, King of Pop

  • Rhythm Penne

    The thought of Michael Jackson not being on the planet
    is going to take some getting use to. He will deeply be missed. His music will live on forever. I will always cherish his love and compassion for others.
    My favorite song – Let me show you the way to go (J5).& The way You make me feel. Hearing these I must dance. Rip King of PoP

  • Elinor

    My most memorable memory of Michael Jackson was
    shaking his hand at Johnny Cochran’s funeral.
    He is definitely “Gone To Soon”. One of my
    favorite songs by him. I just hope he knew
    how much he was love by the people that
    really mattered, the fans.

  • Linda

    Favorite Songs would have to be don’t stop till you get enough, and wanna be startin’ something. Our entertainment industry has lost the greatest entertainer ever. RIP MJ.
    Another note, the media is unbelieveable..has anyone ever heard of giving respect after someone dies!

  • Hilda

    My heartfelt condolences to the Jackson family and the world that loved him!! His music will live on!!
    As a teenager my side of the room was filled with his posters.

  • Ursula

    I loved Michael Jackson.. GREW UP WITH HIM! I’m 40 I had all of the albums went to the victory tour in 84 and wore the buttons and curl!! I wanted mine just like Ola Rae’s! I loved his music… Human nature, Man in the mirror, I’ll be there.. so many to count! RIP MJ

  • stephanie frazier

    Whatever can be said for the recent past, a man should never be defined by his worst moments. It’s a shame you never got a shot at your third act. Thankfully, your true legacy is the music and ‘we can rock forever…’

  • Lisa Alexander

    I sat on my couch as the horrific news of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was pronounced DEAD due to cardiac arrest and my heart just sank! The sadness, the numbness that went through my entire being at that moment..the least to say for his family. My prayers go out to his family and for all of us as his fans..the Legend, the Superstar, the King of Pop!!
    Michael Jackson RIP!!! God Bless..

  • Sherry

    My favorite memory of Michael Jackson was at the Mowtown 25th Anniversary.
    performing Billie Jean and the Moonwalk!
    God Bless his family. Michael is a Blessing to the world.

  • liz

    I loved the black Michael Jackson–the one I sang and danced with while listening to the Jackson 5’s 45s and watching them on TV. The one I kissed over and over in the poster on my bedroom wall. I loved the Off The Wall, Thriller, and Bad Michael Jackson. This is the MJ I grew up with and will miss. This is the part of him and me I mourn. RIP MJ. Bless your children and family.

  • beverly-marie

    ..I am so saddened by Michael’s passing..I feel as if I’ve lost a brother..I tried listening to “Heal the world” a few minutes ago and it ripped me apart..some of us didn’t appreciate you but I know the angels welcome you…rest in peace…..

  • Trenston

    It’s still shocking to me of Michael Jackson’s death. My prayers and condolences are with each and every one of his family members and fans. His music, style and iconic status will live on for years to come. Rest In Peace Michael…

  • cece

    tooo many good songs to have just one favorite….and i only want to remember him when i had a crush on MJ

  • afra

    michael jackson was the greatest singer for me.i have all his musik exept the last.i am very sad, that he is gone now,it was far to soon.RIP dear michael

  • Jennifer

    It is truly a blessing to have grown up in that era and experienced such true and raw talent. The music is so powerful and still very relevent, it will stand the test of time. His music will never stop playing. R.I.P MJ, God Bless

  • Pavi

    As an artist, I grew up learning how to sing listening to MJ and J5. He will always be a music icon and may he Rest So Peacefully.

  • The Fly Duo –

    Michael Jackson meant a whole lot to us and many of our generation. Hip-Hop, R&B, and modern Urban music wouldn’t be the same without the creative inspiration and groundwork laid by great artists like Michael Jackson.
    We are stunned and saddened by his death, this a great loss.
    We remember growing up listening to his music in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. I remember when my older siblings first brought home his Off The Wall album.
    Then there was Thriller and all of the dancing, he was so fresh. An icon of freshness…
    When my wife and I were dating we used to just chill out and listen to his songs, in fact You Are Not Alone was “THE” song we listened to while we were dating back in the mid 90’s. And then when we were married it was one of our wedding songs.
    His music is so tied-up in our family, our son now a young teenager, learned how to dance watching the Classic Michael Jackson videos on DVD!
    With love we offer our most heartfelt thoughts and prayers to all of his family, his friends, and of course his fans.
    The FlyDuo (Pixie & Esc8pee)

  • Shelly

    My heart sank when I heard Michael’s name in the same sentence with cardiac arrest…immediately after, his music consumed the airwaves and I took the advantage of soaking up every bit of it while driving.
    There are three main things I’ll remember him for: 1. his amazing voice, 2. his versatility and agility as a dancer & 3. the music, the orchestrations!
    I’ve narrowed down my fav MJ’s songs to 5…very difficult.
    Rock with You, Heal the World, Got To Be There, Never Can Say Goodbye and The Way You Make Me Feel.
    We must live everyday as our last since it’s not incumbent upon death to send a messenger. My love & prayers are with the family.

  • Kailah

    I’d like to take this opporitunity to thank Tavis smiley and staff for being an informative medium in which the world can share and express themselves. I guess I can say that my most memorable moment is the moment I heard of MJ’s passing. It is a moment that will be forever etched in the annals and the pages of time. Michael jackson will live on in his music and songs such as one that has continually come to mind as of late 2300 Jackson Street. Many thanks and may God bless you and keep you and the jackson family!

  • Erskine

    To anyone over the age of 35 right now, MJ was a central figure in the musical fabric of our lives. He was an iconoclast. Larger than life. This loss is palpable, because its nearly like losing your favorite jacket or favorite sweater. There’s a nostalgia attached to the loss, and the hardest thing to reconcile now is that MJ gave so much to the world. What did he get in return, beyond materialistic things? Did he ever develop spiritually? Could that be possible in the life he lead? To me and the peers of my age group, Mike was a large figure, full of humanity, and full of flaws just life all of us. RIP MJ.

  • LaTonya Brewer

    I rarely hear anyone mention the Destiny album but it is one of my favorite. Thriller would be my second favorite. I am awed by the amount of press. Princess Di is the last time I saw anything like this frenzy. That alone should speak.

  • Brian

    The world feels like a much emptier place with Michael Jackson gone. It will be difficult indeed to hear his music from now on and not become emotional and teary-eyed. His passing certainly resonates very deep with me. At 37, it is impossible for me to think back to a time that pre-dates MJ. Whether it was the early days with the Jackson 5 or the Saturday morning Jackson 5 cartoon show, television specials with Diana Ross all the way to the groundbreaking Motown 25 performance, Michael was always there in some shape form or fashion. It feels for me as if his untimely death has polarized life into two time periods; life with Michael Jackson and now making the difficult transition of life without Michael Jackson. And that transition will no doubt take its heaviest toll on his family. My prayers and thoughts will be with them both now and in the days ahead.

  • Pam G.

    I remember when I was a little girl, my female cousins and I picked our favorite Jackson 5 from the infamous Right On poster. My boyfriend was Michael. My childhood was filled with such great memories of listening to Michael Jackson songs blasting on the radio while us children of the block played kickball, tag, hide-n-seek or rode on go-carts. Such talent! MJJ will surely be missed. He lives on in his talent and music. His work here on this earth is done. He’s now wrapped in the safety of God. Rest in peace MJJ. We all love you so so very much!

  • Michele Earney

    I have two favorite videos of Michael Jackson. They are “Leave Me Alone” and “Smooth Criminal”. Another memory I have was when I was 15 years old and I was listening to a Jackson 5 album. My dad overhead a song – He said they play that song in the band and the guys would never believe they were singing a Michael Jackson song. My dad asked if he could take the cassette with him to band rehearsal that night. This was a moment that my father and I connected on my level, my music and interest. I’ll never forget Michael Jackson. It’s haunting to feel so emotional over MJ. Whooh!

  • Steven

    During this span of my precious time on earth, I can truly go to heaven and brag that I bare witness the greatest entertainer of all times; Michael Jackson. For many have come and gone before me and the same shall come after me and not experience a real live Jackson 5 concert. I’ve experienced 2 of them and both of them were a sight to witness. The first one was in the seventies at the Miami Beach convention Center when the hit Song Dancing Machine was released. That was when Michael Jackson revolutionized ” THE ROBOT ” and though it is an old dance, young kids break that thang down when they see past clips of Michael doing the Robot of which the MoonWalk is the sequel of. Good bless this man’s Soul and if he has come too short in the father’s sight I pray for his forgivness and mine. God Bless the Jackson Family.

  • Charlotte

    Tragic ending to an uniquely charismatic, universally acknowledged talented and seemingly self-loathing man. I’m sad.

  • lotus

    Micheal loved people; he cared about the plight of people. His lyrics addressed many cultural issues; he blended art and humanism like no other entertainer ever! He gave his politics a rhythm, a beat that would move the people–and we listened and we rocked and rolled with it! This is what I will always remember–“if you wanna make the world a betta’ place, take a look at ya self and make a change; I’m talkin’ about the man in the mirror.”
    Thank you Micheal.I can not imagine what you have been through. It’s alright now. It’s alright. I love you brother. lotus

  • BJ Gallagher

    Someone wise once said, “To those who can’t hear the music, the dancers appear mad.” Millions of people have danced madly to Michael’s music over the years. In his personal life, Michael danced to a very private tune a the one in his soul a and people savaged him for being “bizarre, weird, eccentric, wacko.” Dance on, Michael. Dance free at last … thank God almighty, you’re free at last!

  • denise

    Michael Jackson’s “Off the Wall” was one of the first albums I was allowed to purchase. i just knew out of all the Jacksons, Michael was gonna be MYYY husband! other girls w/the same wish were delusional. Michael IS an Icon of both Fashion & Pop Culture, Hero, Father, Businessman, Musician, Superior choreographer, Musical Genius, highly awarded singer/Songwriter, Actor, International super-uber star! Definition of Star! Humanitarian, Philanthropist, Planetary human being; Transgenerational. My grandma (who will be celebrating her 84th this week) loved “Little Michael” although, she mainly listened to gospel.I remember as a chld watching him on tv with 3 generations of family, now my child knows & loves him & will feel the loss of someone as great as He. I’ll miss that smile, the clothes, that “Hee, hee hee”, those twirls, the moonwalk & the robot! Thank God for YouTube where we still have his music, videos & movies. It has been a privilege & pleasure to be alive at this time to witness his meteoric rise to success & support his journey.he was always about positivity,progress, healing & hope. He was the original “Yes We Can” man before Obama. In life & now in his…passing (My mind still hasn’t fully accepted that he’s left us) he still inspires me,to get on with “REALLY” living my life & making a difference & try to bring as much love, happiness & joy as He did. I now look at my life divided as Pre & Post Michael Jackson! Thx God for Michael & Thank you MIchael for sharing your gifts, talent and life with us. Rest in Peace, King! God bless his family, esp his 3 children.

  • Sandra Cocklin

    I remember the Reunion Tour and all of my favorite videos, and today thinking about Michael leaves an empty place in my heart. Michael the “Pop Icon” will forever be missed. RIP Michael

  • Yvonne

    I feel blessed to have grown up in this era with Michael Jackson. Since I’m close in age (48) he’s was actually my first crush and even went to my first MJ concert when I was 15. I think the younger folks really miss who he really was.This certainly hits me close to heart and it’s so scarry this could happen at 50. I don’t think we’ll ever have a great person like Michael.He gave up his life for any kind of a normal life to entertain us for 40 years. God bless him! I will love him forever!!

  • (anonymous)

    There are so many songs that MJ wrote and sang that have touch me through the years…this is so sad to know that MJ had a Great beginning and a Sad end….
    To the family, Earth has no sorrow that heaven can not heal…..

  • (anonymous)

    My favorite songs are You are not alone and Smooth criminal

  • Zena Moore

    Michael is Bad and definitely a Smooth Criminal, stole our hearts and now poof! He’s Gone. His effect will be long lasting and unforgetable. RIP MJ

  • Marcus Uganda White

    May the spirit of MJ be at peace and free in the afterlife, a ghostly dance where the scrape of his dance shoes can be heard in the night.

  • Nothrice A. Pates

    We, as human beings, always seem to lean toward the negitive, BUT music ALWAYS cancels out that force and it takes its place as an universal tool of communication that makes people put down their walls of all the “isms” that exsist in the world today, if only for a moment. We lost the one who was able to effectively execute music’s God-given purpose like none other. For that…he fulfilled his purpose.
    Enjoy your much earned and deserved rest Michael…
    Two memories:
    The summer of 1979 changed my life-my cousin and I did a birthday gift exchange. She wanted Barry Manilow’s latest album and I wanted MJ’s “Off the Wall”-not because of Michael -I HAD to have the album because my favorate songwriter Rod Temperton had songs on the album (He just left Heatwave and always wondered how he hooked up with Mike and Q), Bruce Sweeden engineering,and Quincy Jones producing (I was and still am a musical nerd-I always read the credits). My favorate singer, Minnie Riperton had died in July, so this album was going to be “the “highlight of my summer as a 12 year old. After listening to this project, the arrangements, the songs, all the guest players and singers were great, but it was seeing the mature side of Michael that I gained respect toward him-his songwriting, vocals and arranging caught my eye. (I know ALL four percussion parts to “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough”.)This was my FIRST Michael Jackson album. “Off The Wall” also led me to a major discovery-it was then I KNEW I wanted to do in like- to pursure my passion of music – that was the REAL birthday present.
    Another quick memory was when my girlfriend and I went to see The Jackson’s Victory Tour in Cleveland Ohio, October 20, 1984. We were walking around before the show ,and we run right into Michael Peters, the choreographer of “Thriller” and “Beat It”-it wasn’t MJ, but we were grateful to meet Mr.Peters, and know someone close enough to MJ.

  • Rodney Hausey

    There will never be another party like the one Michael Jackson brought to all of our hearts. Five decades of superior talent that touched all members of a generation. Hotep

  • (anonymous)

    Michael Jackson’s music was the first music I danced to. My mother saw me gettin’ down with “Shake your body down to the ground.” I always knew the man was an absolute genius. I am especially proud as a Black man to have had a man like that in OUR culture. We’ve been beaten up , throughout history (from real Physical torture to image tarnishing in the movies, etc….) I really can’t figure out the hate from the White community….as if we dragged them over here on slave ships, separated them from their families, et….. My man , Mike, was a loving human being , though. I think one of his associates might have put it best. He said something to the effect of “…it’s as if he’s in tune with that good spiritual part of us as human beings and shares it with whomever.” I will always love Michael Jackson….that voice…those harmonies he does with himself, his heart, “got to be there”…C’Mon!!!!
    May Michael Jacson Rest in the Lord’s Peace!
    one of his Realest fans,

  • Gregory Willis

    I think While Micheal Jackson is getting so much attention as the King of Pop. I think we are forgetting so much about the humanity of the Man.
    On Tuesday Micheal stepped into eternity to met the real King Yoshua,Alpha and Omega Jesus Christ the Holy One THe Greatest of All May God have Mercy on His Soul.

  • Gail Johnson

    I purchased Michael Jachson Number ONES DVD a long time ago and put it up on the shlef. Well, since the passing of Micheal, I took the time to listen to the DVD. Oh my goodness! I love the the complete DVD. But my favorites are You are not alone, Earth Song and Blood on the Dance Floor! I will truly miss Micheal, may he rest in peace and I hope for the best for his children.

  • (anonymous)

    I am sickened by tonight’s show as well of the media frenzy of making Michael Jackson’s life about being a black and white thing by people who do nothing else but talk. All the political has beens come out of the woodwork to hear themselves talk and promote their agenda and racism. Including Jesse Jackson and Rev. Sharpten. Michael Jackson like many other great artists mentally struggled within and from that struggle along with substance abuse and low self esteem became creative. That creativity brought out his genius that probably would have not come out otherwise. His family screwed him up and will never admit it. Your guest missed what Michael was and his message, look at the man in the mirror and it’s not black or white. That kind of conversation on your show only promotes racial tension. They now all want to get on the bandwagon of owning Michael Jackson, where were they when he needed him? Michael touched people universally, no matter what race. He was not a politcal figure, he was an entertainer. It is the media that allows all this conversation which brings out all those who want to promote themselves and claim Michael as their own. Michael Jackson was an entertainer, knew how to promote himself and was successful at it. His support came from all his fans, not his family, not the black community, just his fans. He was taken advantage of and enabled by those around him. Let’s celebrate his life and quit trying to continue to take advantage of his legacy.

  • shari

    I didn’t care about the negative media stuff about him. His music and dance what got me through some diffcult times in my life. My favorite song is “Man in the Mirror”. He was talking to the world about what he felt. Stop judging him Look at yourself before u cast judgement. That song change my attude about a lot of things within myself. I will always luv M.J. thank you God Bless

  • mina

    michael died on my birthday and i promised myself that i would not only celebrate my life but his also . . . . every birthday i am gonna remember the long lasting legacy he’s left on this earth… there is no word in the dictionary that decribes how much he’s transformed music and the pop culture!! i remember when i was younger – i’m a 80’s baby , i sometimes would get sick and end up in the hospital and i would take his music with me or listen to it when i got home and the music would just take me to another place and help me forget what was going on in my life . . . i wish i could have personally thanked michael for his talented music . . . . he will forever be in our hearts and we all should keep his family in our constant prayers !! LONG LIVE THE KING – MUCHAEL JACKSON 1958-2009

  • Dianne Brooks

    I grew up with MJ and am connected to the early years. When watching him during the later years I always tried to make a connection between past and present, but his physical transformation didnat allow me to do so. It is at his death that I have revisited his body of work, . And after listening to his music and media commentaryanot sensationalist commentary but those who can apply truth to the measure of the man and his lifeaI see genius whose eccentricity with his physical appearance can be equated to Van Goghas mental illness or the cutting off of his own ear. Why does God make geniuses weird? So they donat boaster in their greatness.

  • Jo Ann

    Michael was a genius. The genius that touched us all remains in the poetry of his lyrics, the rhythm of his soul’s voice and in the glittering reach of his countless humanitarian acts and charitable contributions to so many worldwide.
    By our standards, his life was too short. However, the sheer impact of his artistry and the span of his many, many projects, collaborations, and life’s work encompasses several lifetimes. In a single lifetime he did more, accomplished more than ten men could do. His intelligence, grace and belief in love and caring for others, especially for the world’s children and the child in all of us, is unparalleled. Read his 2001 Oxford speech. Listen closely to his lyrics. The gentleness in his eyes said it all.
    Michael’s belief in our ability to change the world for the better is/was his life’s pulse. I do make this statement lightly–but I believe that there is no one individual on this planet more deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize. Whether you are ever accorded another honor, in my heart, you’ve already earned it. Thank you, Michael. Thank you, God, for the honor of his life and work and the legacy he leaves us with. God bless his family and all those touched by this genius of our and all time.
    ‘Like A Comet
    Blazing ‘Cross The Evening Sky
    Gone Too Soon…’

  • jvh

    Having learned that California’s, Gov. Schwartzenneger has denied the Jackson family’s request to inter Michael at Neverland on the grounds that burials in California are prohibited outside of cemeteries, I am appalled.
    Both former Presidents Nixon and Reagan are buried, irrespectively at the Nixon Library and the Ronals Reagan Presidential Library at Simi Valley. Dare I say it, but neither of those locales, is a cemetery. That a man born outside of this country and therefore is not entitled to hold office in America, much less the highest office in California, to make a political mockery of a true humanitarian’s life, whose following is the stuff of phenomena, disturbs me deeply.
    It is most unsettling for California’s governor to deny the Jackson family burial at Neverland. Might I also add that given California’s dire economic state, any idiot can see how burial at Neverland would profit the state. And since, most people and politicians think only of the economic bottom line, it behooves the governor to do otherwise.
    I say to Governor Schwartzennegger, there is room for more than one Graceland in this country. The country of my birth. The governor should be strongly urged to re-think his decision.

  • Gail Jackson-Bateaux

    Words cannot express the loss. I would like to say that drugs continue to affect the lives of everyone who seems to think that an instant fix will be the cure all, but turns out to be the end all.
    To futures great and small we must say “NO” to drugs. Is that not what we teach our children? or are we teaching by example: “Do as I say, but not as I do.”
    Michael will always be loved and remembered in our hearts. He understood that we were family and he was not alone, contrary to what everyone else thought. I take comfort in knowing that he was happy before he became “free”. for extended well wishes and One Love!


    I am still in disbielf over MJ. I have loved him as a singer, dancer, songwriter, and a Man. I could not stop crying for three days, but I did see a beautiful rainbow (in Brooklyn, NYC) on Saturday afternoon after it rained HARD. I KNEW that was Micheal smiling and he is still with us ALL in spirit. I love you dearly Micheal, NOW & FOREVER. Blessings to the ENTIRE Jackson Family and friends.

  • enea ostrich

    i recall distinctly the song “I’ll be There” and “Ben” because those two songs played at the Ice Skating Rink when I was kid. Great memories of hot cocoa with marshmallows and hearing those songs!:)
    That was when I became a fan of the Jackson 5.
    Later, Michael Jackson’s rise to fame will forever be engraved in my mind when he was on the Motown 25th Anniversary show. I think he was in his element there.
    He will forever be missed, but I believe what many artists say today is true– a part of him will live on in each and every one of us.

  • Mrs.Crystal James

    No written word, no dialogue, no prayer, no song can alleviate the pain-staking reality that Mike is gone FOREVER. We pray for the family. We pray that his children grow up able to forgive the world’s critics for their blatant display of cruelty and wrongful judgment. The POWER of LOVE Michael had for people and people had for him transcended all the misconstruances put upon him. Those of us who trusted his uniqueness and embraced it never doubted who he truly was at the core of himself. You can’t beat the power of LOVE no matter how hard you try. And many tried and tried and tried , but they couldn’t BREAK him! Listen to his “Invincible” CD, you’ll know what I mean. He was so much more than any “Elvis” counterpart in a most positive way on every level. And that scared those who didn’t understand, but it’s okay now. He’s home where he belongs, where he’ll be understood and welcomed with open arms. We, who knew the TRUTH loved you, Michael. God and the truth are on your side. I believe Jermaine said it best, the ugly side of”the world was not ready for Michael” so the Lord(Allah)called him home. Be at peace,Mike. I’ll NEVER forget you…or your music. Thank you.

  • veronica

    I love micheal jackson he was the best. Even though he died he is still here

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