No, Bo is Not from a Shelter

April 13th, 2009, byStaff

The First Dog, Bo, which the Obamas got for their daughters over the weekend, is not, we repeat, not, from a shelter.

Guess they didn’t learn from the backlash over the Bidens’ pet pick.

Animal rescue organizations are up in arms.

In a statement on Friday, the Executive Director of called the Obama’s decision a “missed opportunity.” “If Obama had adopted a pet from a shelter, it could have been the turning point for the pet-overpopulation problem in this country,” the Executive Director said in her statement.

The Humane Society is a bit more forgiving. Since Bo was returned by the family that originally purchased him, they’re calling Bo a “second-chance dog.” (There are questions about calling Bo a second-chance dog.) They put out a statement congratulating the first family on bringing Bo into their home.

The Obamas will make a donation to the Humane Society by giving a gift to its D.C. office.

Here’s the Humane Society’s pet adoption video to tug at your heartstrings.

  • Carolyn

    I love animals just as much as the next person; however, if the people in this country cared more for the children in this country as they do for strays, we would be that much closer to being a caring nation. Just a thought.

  • Joan

    I agree with Carolyn. Animals are great companions to any family. However, some people don’t seem to give that “special attention” to the fact that thousands of children are on the waiting list for adoption right here in the United States. We read about celebrities going through the strict process and paperwork to adopt from abroad-taking these children from their family and familiar surroundings to live in the U.S. Some children have a difficult time adjusting, learning our language, and fall into a deeo depression because they want to go back home.

  • Cozy

    I believe the Obama’s made it clear that they were unable to find a bred that was suited for kids with allergy’s,thus the process took longer tahn they had anticipated.When The Kennedy’s offer you a pup as a gift,particularly a man who is suffering from brain cancer,you accept it,it may be a legacy.

  • Pat

    It’s a dog people! I think on the laundry list of the average person’s concerns – mortgage, job, crime, childrens’ welfare, violence, pollution, etc – where the president gets his dog?? Well, frankly it doesn’t even make the list!

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