Smokey Robinson on El DeBarge: “Get your spiritual self together…”

March 1st, 2011, byStaff

Photo by: Van Evers, TS Media, Inc.
Photo by: Van Evers, TS Media, Inc.

Legendary singer/songwriter Smokey Robinson, who sits down with Tavis tonight, discusses his recovery from a more than two-year drug addiction.

The Motown great also shares the advice that he offered his “little brother” El DeBarge, who, after an amazing musical comeback, recently returned to rehab for his own addiction.

“Unless you get your spiritual self together,” says Robinson, who has been sober since May 1986, “you are not going to beat it.”

Watch the clip below, where Robinson describes the path that he took to move beyond his addiction, and tune in tonight for the full conversation.

  • Marje bennett

    this is just an inspirational story

  • LaTonya M. Brooks

    Confession is good for the family and yourself. If he feels that drugs was destroying his marriage and himself then yes it was time for a spiritual awakening. Look it Smokey Robinson.

  • Deborah J. Steee

    “WOW!”… What an “AWE-SOME” transformation, that has taken place in (Smokey Robinson) life! … I have watched him over the years, and I can truly see that, his “chosen commitment” to live and serve the (Lord above) is truly paying off! … (smile) …
    (We) all must work out our own salvation, and our covenant relationship in which, we’ve been privilege to have … And we must always, remain “transparent & true” in order for the word of (God) to take “root” in both our hearts and minds, to transform us on a “daily basis”, to be “effective witnesses” for him! …
    “Thanks” for sharing! … (smile) …
    Sincerely, with blessings & beyond,
    “Your Watchful Angel in Atlanta”,
    Deborah J. Steele
    3/01/11 – PM

  • Rich Palodichuk

    Wow Smokey, you really say it the way it is. I love hearing and feeling what you have to say! Couldn’t agree more. Tavis, love your show!

  • Scott Simons

    This is the first time I’ve seen your show Tavis and after watching this interview I’m hooked. I like your style and I loved everything Smokey had to say!

  • Dee Anthony

    very well said, Smokey put it out there, that is reality

  • Gerald Greene

    Truer words were never spoken, Smokey…Put God first! Let HIM take over, In our weakness, He’s our Strength! Speak positivity, not negatively! Life and death are in the power of the tongue. This is not just a word for El, but for all of us as well! God’s Eternal Blessings to all.

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