Ted Kennedy Dies

August 26th, 2009, byStaff

Massachusetts Sen. Edward M. Kennedy lost his battle with brain cancer Tuesday. His Senate career spanned nearly 50 years, and he is credited with continuing a legacy begun by his brothers John and Robert.

The outpouring of messages from both Republicans and Democrats speaks to Kennedy’s negotiating skills and knack for bipartisan coalition-building—expertise that Republican Sen. John McCain said are missing on the current healthcare overhaul.

Watch Vice President Joe Biden’s heartfelt words about his friend and colleague, and share your thoughts on Kennedy’s life and legacy.

  • babamoto

    Teddy Kennedy: So much potential, but nonetheless a tragic, incomplete man.

  • (anonymous)

    I feel that America has lost a Great American; I admire Ted Kennedy and his brothers because they never saw color in a person. If Ted believes it, you better believe he would fight for it…and that’s what I admired most about him.
    Make no mistake that God knows what he is doing, he is the giver and taker of our lives, for Ted I believe that he fought a good fight in his time on this earth, even to the end. My prayers are with the family.

  • Renee Mickens

    This is really a heartwrenching day in history. Just knowing that such an individual gave so much of himself so that others could enjoy the American dream. I am at a loss for words.

  • Velicia Gourdin Waymer

    I grew up on the “Cape” not too far from The Kennedy Compound. I feel as if a part of my own personal history has been erased.

  • Tony Cornish, Jr.

    Sen. Edward Kennedy had the name, he had the wealth, he had the prestige! What he yearned for most, was that which he was not BORN WITH!! Peace, Respect, Love, and Justice for all mankind–regardless of race, religion, economic status, age, or sexual orientation. Rest well Senator Kennedy…Jack and Bobby are indeed PROUD of the IMPACT you had on our state, our country, our society, and OUR WORLD AT LARGE!!

  • valerie anita nichols

    The late Senator Kennedy was hospitable to me at his home in Hyanis. It was 1976. I was a friend of Bobby Kennedy Jr. There was a large group party, under a tent, and with a band. It was big fun. Lem and Jackie, may they too rest in peace, were especially kind to this young, gifted and black woman from Harlem. They were all genuine, caring, regular and good to me. Weren’t they to us all?!!? The hope does still rise and the dream is still alive. MAY HE REST IN PEACE.

  • MsBateaux

    + Ted Kennedy showed America how to live in “love and service”. Serving in unconditional love. + R I P to and well done to God’s good & faithful servant. My condolences to the family.

  • Debora

    It is unfortunate that we lost the loudest voice for the poor and the voiceless…and one of the greatest civil/human rights leaders of our time. It would be an honor to see a Kennedy pick up the torch and continue Senetor Kennedy’s legacy.

  • Jill

    Senator Kennedy, a Champion for civil rights and humankind. We’ve lost a great leader, who fought for all of us until his last breath. A man who endured many trials and tribulations and never gave up. That is the true meaning of GOD’s work. May his beloved soul rest, and may others be touched by his legacy, to continue the good fight of faith, and help change this country for the better.
    Blessed Be.

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