The Most Interesting 31 Minutes on Pest Control You’ll Hear This Week

September 27th, 2010, by

Bedbugs are having a moment right now. Every day, it seems, brings another story about these hard-to-kill vermin infesting yet another, increasingly incredible place. Movie theaters, retail chains, office buildings. What’s next?

And, while experts agree that bedbugs are becoming a serious problem in this country, very little reportage on the phenomenon does more than instill panic in those of us with even a passing squeamishness about insect infestation.

This story, however, is different. Check out this interview with pest control expert Michael Potter, where he spoke to the bedbug menace in even-handed, informative terms. It’s required listening for anyone (like myself) with any concerns at all about coming into contact with bedbugs. After hearing the segment, you’ll probably still be concerned, but, more importantly, you’ll be informed. And probably a little less freaked out next time you check into a hotel.

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