What Do You Think About President Obama Winning the Nobel Peace Prize?

October 9th, 2009, byStaff


No matter people’s thoughts on President Barack Obama winning the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, many were surprised. Including Obama himself.

Two other U.S. presidents won the prize while in office–Woodrow Wilson in 1919 and Theodore Roosevelt in 1906. And former President Jimmy Carter won after leaving office.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee said in its statement:

Obama has as President created a new climate in international politics.
Multilateral diplomacy has regained a central position, with emphasis
on the role that the United Nations and other international
institutions can play. Dialogue and negotiations are preferred as
instruments for resolving even the most difficult international
conflicts. The vision of a world free from nuclear arms has powerfully
stimulated disarmament and arms control negotiations. Thanks to Obama’s
initiative, the USA is now playing a more constructive role in meeting
the great climatic challenges the world is confronting. Democracy and
human rights are to be strengthened.

But since Obama has been in office for less than a year and had been in office for only 12 days before the nomination deadline earlier this year, reactions to the Nobel Committee’s selection of Obama are mixed.

What do you think? Is Obama deserving of the prize?


  • Anita Jefferson

    The fact that President Obama won the Noble Peace Prize is confirmation that his world-embracing vision of peace is the exact prescription for humankind today.
    I am ecstatic! For me it is a confirmation that the effect of his work is boundless.

  • Mykul Williams

    I think he didn’t want it for many other reasons, that the public isn’t ready to hear. He know why they’re “throwing” it at him. I feel its used to hype blacks, from focusing on the big picture. The Gov. “BEST INTEREST” are to fix our nieghbors mansion, while at home the shack is falling apart from all the rain.

  • Independent Thinker

    The Nobel Peace Prize lost all of its meaning to me when the terrorist known as Yasser Arafat won it.

  • C.Most

    Obama’s Nobel Prize win may be the surprise of the year. It speaks volumes about new optimism and hope about the USA to heal so many broken relationships around the world. I think President Obama brings much to the table regarding a multi-cultural, cooperative & inclusive perspective. This is the heart of what makes America great ~ the ability to inspire positive change.

  • LatteLibertine

    I’ve heard some valid criticisms. Yes, it may be “too early” and I remain glad this occurred. President Obama has done more to promote peace and diplomacy in the world in his short time in office than good ol’ Dub-yah did in eight years.

  • Robin

    I think it’s a wonderful honor. I totally expected all the negative reactions from a certain group of people, I would be surprised if none were made. I think President Obama has exhibited his efforts for peace and he deserves the honor. People are entitled to their opinions, but what disgusts me and makes me well aware of the divison in this country and how this presidency is certainly bringing it forth, is those who are dishonoring or lessening the importance of this prestigious award because it was given to President Obama.

  • Leonard Greycloud

    I think it’s wonderful! Obama will be a force for peace & good in the world. He will act for the poor, the hungry & the homeless. He will help us protect the environment. He is a great choice for the Nobel Prize.
    Let’s hope this will help him end these dreadful wars.

  • Theresa Limes

    The Nobel Peace Prize is an affirmation of RESPECT for our President, who is continously bombarded with vicious rhetoric and demeaning images by our media and ignorant Americans. Monumental burdens are resting on his human shoulders, yet he stands tall, with uncommon grace. This recognition is a “ladder” that he will use to continue this arduous climb. The work is in progress and the forces of good just scored a goal. He did not choose greatness, greatness has chosen him…God bless our President…”Bravo”…(((Applause))))

  • Cherl Greene

    Though I think it is a great honor, I think it’s a bit too soon. What was the criteria for him receiving it? What did they base their decision on? I was listening to the radio this morning and they compared or put him in the same category as Martin Luther King Jr. who also recieved it. But the difference is, MLK marched all over the united states for civil rights, equal rights for everyone..etc. I haven’t seen that yet with President Obama. Though he is trying to bring peace to the nation by practicing peace and good well, we haven’t seen any accomplishments yet. And that may be the fault of the news media. Now this is going to bring an even larger microscope on him and they will now critize and critique his every move even more. I think it’s way too much pressure for one man that hasn’t yet walked on water or turned water to wine. I am 100% a President Obama supporter but I think they should have waited until a few of his works materialize….does that make sense??

  • Celia Alario

    I’d have to agree with the discourse I’m seeing on the web, and the words of Obama himself. This is a great way to add momentum to Obama’s ideas, but he hasn’t taken action yet to deserve it by any means. Not yet. Nope! Not like Jimmy Carter, the Dalai Lama etc.

  • Rich Lombino, Esq.

    It was entertaining listening to the chit chat while waiting for my train this morning. I don’t normally eavesdrop, but that was not necessary. The volume was at an all time high. “Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize? What a joke! What has he done?” Another rider said “Those people don’t know what they’re doin. They must not have gotten enough sleep this Summer. You know, they have too many hours of sunlight during the Summer.” That’s an interesting theory. Here’s another quote: “It was the same thing with Al Gore winning it. There was no scientific evidence supporting his positions.” Really? It’s been a big week for the anti-Obama establishment – cheering for the US not getting the Olympics and now this.
    I’ll certainly agree that I was surprised to hear that President Obama was awarded the Prize. And I’ve been disappointed by some of the President’s actions in office versus his words as a candidate. This Prize is most likely premature, especially given his recent decisions on the war in Afghanistan.
    But to say he hasn’t accomplished anything is just plain wrong. His actions have led to a fundamental change in the way the US is viewed in the world, and he has pushed for peace in many arenas, including trilateral meetings with Israel and the Palestinians, meeting with the Russian President and agreeing to pursue an arms control treaty, his speech in Cairo in June, his speech in Philadelphia on race relations, and most recently his speech at the UN about nuclear disarmament. His July 2008 speech in Europe where 250,000 Europeans attended waiving American flags was moving to see. He has done more for peace in his 9 months as President than Bush II did in 8 years. I do recognize that’s not saying much……but still……
    The Nobel Committee stated the President “has created a new international climate” and recognized his “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” This award is something that will bring the President even greater credibility in international relations. I believe many of the terrorists in the world today were motivated by Bush’s actions, including torture and the unjust war in Iraq, among other things. The US needs credibility and needs to be viewed as a vehicle for peace. This can only help in the fight against terrorism. Which is something conservatives should believe in too.

  • Gael Meek

    I LOVE I LOVE I LOVE President Obama but this is too soon. I believe in my heart that he will do GREAT things during his Presidency deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize.
    HOWEVER, this has taken away from the ‘prestige or validity’ of the Nobel Peace Prize and what it stands for.
    Why didnt they consider Morgan Tsvangirai of Zimbabwe ……just a thought
    Kindest Regards,
    Gael Meek

  • Teresa from Indiana

    While many, including President Obama, were surprised about the Nobel Peace Prize being bestowed upon our President,I don’t believe the Nobel Committee all of a sudden changed their selection criteria to accommodate someone who many think is not deserving of such an honor. I believe the committee saw what many of us saw when we elected President Obama; his capacity and ability to overcome many obstacles which he now faces, and his ability to work with others to affect change in this country and around the world. Perhaps those who are haters of the President will see what others around the world see: a President who is working to unite people around the world in order to help make the world a better place for all.

  • Darrell A. DeLoatch

    Today President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The world chooses to minimize this award by saying he won it on “expectations”. Does anyone remember their history books. It was a group of people who sailed across an ocean in “expectation” of a new world and now we have America. It was a Black man on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial who had an “expectation” for his race and now 40 years later that “expectation” is the first Black President who is now a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. Translation: The seeds of “expectations” are the breeding grounds for miracles.

  • Jojo

    I have to agree with C. Green’s remarks. Too soon for the award.

  • Mtume Gant

    How is advocating “Preventive Detention”, sending 60,000 more troops to Afghanistan, continuing bombing efforts in Pakistan, continuing the inhumane embargo against Cuba, showing support to Israel in their effort to continue there Nuclear Weapon development, showing the Dalai Lama and the people of Tibet a cold shoulder to appease the inhumane Chinese government, amongst many other things “Peaceful”? I did not even mention not advocating for Single Payer Healthcare, corporate bailout and a whole lot of other shenanigans. This is an act of pure elitism and very upsetting…

  • Bill Pritchett

    I can’t understand why opponents and some supprters alike of Obama are questioning whether or not he has done anything to deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. Somebody needs to reroll the videotapes of the hundreds of thousands of people all across the globe who came to hear him “SPEAK” . Not to perform. Not to sing. Not to dance. Not to shuck and jive, nor hambone and grin.
    He came simply TO SPEAK, about deep truths, common aspirations, a great noble vision of a world in which everyone could be healthy, inspired, and free to pursue their dreams.
    Somebody needs to rerack his courageous speech on race and push PLAY. Somebody needs to watch his gracious, thoughtful, inspirational remarks to the muslim world. Somebody needs to reroll the videotape of the speech, the turnout and response at his inauguration.
    Somebody needs to look again at Election Day newspapers and magazine covers from around the globe showing how nations worldwide united in hope and excitement that America had the common sense to elect Obama. Somebody needs to acknowledge he has done more in a few months to UNITE people around the globe than any of his critics have done in their lifetimes.
    Congratulations America. The world thinks our nation is doing MUCH better now with the leadership of President Obama and has presented us with it’s most prestigious award, like it or not.

  • benir

    Boring responses. All the “h8ers” obviate Obama’s achievements; which are STAGGERING for any man – and a dozen lifetimes. This is ratified by his VICTORY as President of the USA. I imagine thats easy 2 4get when ur just a commoner. Obama does not have to be a Martyr to deserve recognition from his peers.
    Most incredible to me is that an African is now leading a former African slavery colony! That IRONY alone merits every award possible … #nobelprize

  • Brenda

    I am so pleased that He won the award and others see that he wants to change the USA from being known as a bully, and feeling like the UN can not tell us anything. That is why President Obama stated he will meet with other countries to work with them. He is given the world hope for a change, which that alone is better than none.

  • Kathleen

    Of course, he is deserving. He is an African-American man who has won in a country in which blacks were considered chattel, then 3/5 of a person, and disenfranchised. And, now he is the leader of the free world. He is pro-women, pro-gay and lesbian, pro-education, pro-health care reform, and believes that America should be a part of the world community and not trying to dominate the world community.

  • Marie

    Love the man but not merited imo. Not yet. I also don’t appreciate the Nobel committee using the prize as a political tool. There’s too many heroes in the world who deserve recognition. In the end I’m pleased President Obama is going to donate the money. I hope it goes to treatment centers for wounded vets. This war is ugly and needs to end.

  • Kaisha Jones

    I love that President Obama won the award. I am proud of him and all that he is doing and has the potential to do for his people and his. However I am concerned for him that his opposers and (for a lack of a better word) his “haters” will take this as another opportunity to use against him. I would hate for them to diminish his award with their malicious attempts to ruin his character or demean him. Like “they” have been doing with his health care reform.

  • Malaika Adero

    Well…Menahem Begin, Shimon Peres, Yasser Arafat received Nobel Peace Prizes. What did they accomplish toward peace in the world, peace in the Middle East. Was not the gesture aspirational in their cases?

  • Freddy M.

    First of all, president Obama deserves respect for his rank. He is a president, a president of the United States of America. God has made Barack Obama president of the United States of America for one reason: to show at the face of the world how the US still a raciste country, how the white-elite-leaders are raciste and hypocrite.
    Why the Nobel Peace Price of president Obama is an issue in the US media?
    Why Americans are proud of that?
    Why a lot of people (specially white people) had a party when Chicago lost the vote for the Olympic Games?
    Chicago, Barack and Michelle Obama, Oprah, are not Americans?
    People who have created the Nobel Peace Prize have their how criterions to decide who are going to be the winner. Also we better read the status of the Nobel Peace Prize.

  • Patricia Quarles

    I was awestruck when I read the news on my palm centro this morning–this speaks of the man’s accomplishments nationally and internationally for public service and diplomatic relations.

  • Girma

    If we look around us and see how people feel about the president. We will notice, in my opinion, how great a leader he is. He made most of us in the United States and around the world believe that the power of diplomacy and negotiations is restored and that we will be heard as long as we voice reasonably. This I believe is a great achievement by itself. He is a kind of leader that most countries dream to have, I wish he was a leader of my birth country (although he is, by virtue of this great nation’s direct or indirect impact around the globe).
    He did not win for Chicago the Olympics (at least he tried), the people expressed that Rio is perhaps a more deserving. However, he brought a Noble prize! it appears, when he least expected. I am extremely glad to see Obama awarded this prestigious peace award. Let us not underestimate the power of good ideas that are being quickly changed to reality during his short presidency. Many thanks for the Nobel Team. I can’t wait to see what more of Obama will achieve. God bless.

  • Renee

    It seems that President Obama’s election and direction have brought a sense of much-needed hope to the rest of the world. Just as with his domestic plans, however, opening the door for dialogue and reason does not mean answers will come quickly or painlessly. It also suggests how bad an image those around the world have had of this country’s role in world affairs in recent history. Some people are mocking, but hope is a powerful force; without it, people are plunged into irrational desparation.

  • Shareen Williams

    “I think it is great”, because he gave me hope again to believe my country.

  • Cecelia Y Anderson

    The fact is Obama won. It’s not really an opinion poll. The prize is not just about Obama, it’s about the world’s view changing about America. We have Obama to thank for that. My personal reaction is I’m happy for him. The Nobel Prize committee already decided he deserved it, and they are some of the most influential in brilliant minds in the world.

  • JWN

    Awarding purely on the basis of popularity, ideology, and “prospective” achievements, while ignoring valid accomplishments of so many other nominees, greatly diminishes the credibility of the Nobel Institution, and devalues the prize itself. These are individuals of the same mind set that voted for Sanjia…and for Obama in the general election…for the same reasons.

  • sandi robinson

    I’m not sure why he won it but I love him with all my heart. Since it not something he sought, folks need to get out of his face.

  • Michael Darr

    This is an outrage against what is the purpose of the Nobel Peace Prize. Why don’t we create a new category and call it the the “Nobel Peaceful Thoughts Prize”. Obama has done absolutely nothing of any consequence to deserve such a prestigious award. In a word, Shameful.

  • Liz Hill

    Recognize that what the average U.S. citizens know about our president in relation to global interactions is what we’ve learned from American news outlets, which often fall short of representing the full story. We Americans need to step out of our egocentric thought patterns and must consider how we are viewed by the rest of the world (an ideal perhaps, that Obama has demonstrated, thus leading to his award). Maybe, after eight years of the Bush Administration’s inflexible, self-centered international policies, the committee recognizes Obama’s leadership in changing the course. As reported, the committee announced that Obama had “captured the world’s attention and given its people hope for a better future.” … “It was because we would like to support what he is trying to achieve.” My guess is that President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize was awarded in some way to create an international forum that would “officialize” his administration’s being held accountable (no doubt, a familiar term to this web page’s host). :-) Maybe it was an attempt to make it known, that the international community has noticed the unprecedented rising backlash towards the President and that they want to quell the negativity within the country so that it will not interfere with the possibilities of progress in the world as a whole.

  • antonella c. pease

    Obama receiving the Noble prize is
    a great honor not only for our president but for our country. We all should be happy as Americans,
    regardless of our political affilation,to enjoy again the respect abroad that had been lost
    through the disastrous 8 years of the previous administration. It makes me sad to see that an able journalist like David Brooks calls this honor a “joke”.

  • Michelle Reed

    those who don’t understand Obama’s nobel peace prize, simply don’t realize how much America was hated globally by the world before he came along, and that two thirds of the world’s population walked a little taller and were healed… the day he got elected. Congratulations, Mr. President. May you walk towards the mark of your high calling.

  • ann

    I am an Obama supporter, BUT the award of this honor is totally GROUNDLESS. He’s not a yr into his presidency and has done NOTHING of note in his LIFE!
    Awarding this prize DIMINISHES the importance of this award. Many more were ACTUALLY deserving for what they have accomplished…………

  • observer

    It just proves that the Nobel Peace Prize committee is purely interested in peace as defined by the political positions *they* believe in — not dependent on great sacrifice or accomplishment by any person. Just think of all the people who have become martyrs in the cause for peace, or who have lived in desperate poverty in order to better the lives of others, or people who have radically changed their nation’s policies (Obama hasn’t… yet) in order to reframe the international scene. 12 days into his Presidency, Obama can hardly be said to have done any of this. Shame on the Noble committee! Obama deserves his chance to succeed, but this cheapens him.

  • dan

    cheney and bush left the world stupified how american politics can turn down the light of hope that the american people had for so long kept shining for the world. and the 2004 election of fear brought down the house and a tarp over its roof wouldn’t do. Pres Obama has brought the world back to beleiving in America and the Norway elite… are hoping to credentialize the Pres in hopes for recovery of this old drug addict “america”… addicted to the euphoria of war and peacemaker

  • Delia Egbe

    I think Obama deserves this award, it might look too soon for some people. But for me he deserves it, his humility brought this exaltation by the world. How many of us will be quick to bring in an opponet who called you on a national television ” Obama shame on you.” to the cabinet? How many of us will come out in public as a head of affairs and apologize for the mistakes or thing said by his or her subordinates?. How many of us will take time to visit different nations that we have wronged one way or the other to seek hands of friendship. It seems like most of us Americans have very short memories; we forget so easily. How many of us will be patient enough not to lose our cool when we are being ridculed by our opponents and haters like radio talk show Rush Limbaugh whom I consider #1 enemy of American citizens? I can go on and on to enumerate so many potential accolades that Obama has earned just in few months of his reign without being exhaustive. Wake up Americans appreciate the fact that we are being recognized in good light again after eight terrible years of slander and hatred caused by the previous regime. I see any opponets of this prize as prejudiced. It takes humility which most people don’t have these to say I am suprised to have been honored and I don’t deserve this award. Humility is a scarce commodity among human-beings these days, so when I see one or hear one I don’t hasitate to acknowledge it.

  • Sheila Davis

    The World needs Hope, and President Obama is providing it and sees Humanities’ Oneness. That’s what must bring Peace, when we all recognize that Love and Unity are the answer.

  • Bateaux 1999

    I think it is well deserved, even though surprising to many of us. President Obama has inspired countries to step back and become more aware with his “yes we can” attitude of change. Even though he has had a lot on his plate, healthcare, war, stock markets, unemployment, environmental and inheriting many other issues, he still manages to continually work harder to achieve success in so many areas despite setbacks and the bottlenecks. He has been a great example to the world and countries want to imitate his vision for a better world today and tomorrow.
    Just like he has inspired so many to help him win the election through his tireless efforts and well executed plans, he has also given the world “H O P E” of a better tomorrow. As long as we have hope and faith, we will never give up.
    In the words of “Ghetto Communities” across the globe from Suweto to Sweden, Iraq and Cuba to Iran, Afghanistan to Europe, Egypt and Israel, China to Russia, : “Don’t Hate, Congratulate” wishing him the best and never give up hope for a better future. For without hope, we have lost our faith in each other and the vision of a dream.

  • Julie

    Premature. It seems he was awarded for his intentions mostly. Only God knows our intentions. Many of us many times don’t even know our own intentions. Though I believe him to be good, and have good intentions, it takes deeds and actions to make change.

  • Wanderland

    Seems to me that our president did much in the world BEFORE he became president. These actions helped him get elected. I am sure that his activities beyond his presidency were considered. There is no rule that says that the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to people for their work as President of the United States.

  • asesimba

    Marie: the Nobel has ALWAYS had political implications. The point is, politics is a tool that can be used for good or evil goals. Giving the Nobel to Obama is a good goal; giving it to Kissinger (remember???) was dreadful.

  • leigh

    The prize was awarded to Obama, the man, who was the newly elected president of the US.

  • Shira

    This just goes to show that President Obama,is a very special person who has that special charisma that draws society closer to each other. I think this is just the beginning for other great things to happen for him.

  • Stephanie Davis

    I agree with those who say it was too soon. When I think of what Dr. King did and went through, I don’t see Obama being quite there yet.

  • rob brown

    i am real happy for him ,,, my heart is sad at all the negitive comments coming at him ,, he is trying amd will do great things ,,, i would vote for him again….

  • Frances Gordon

    No… In fact, Al Gore nor President Carter deserved the honor.
    Some believed Dr. Martin Luther King did not deserve the NPP. However, I would love to see coverage reflecting Dr. Martin Luther King’s acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize versus President Obama’s. It tells us how far we have come as a country and a race. Unfortunately, we are forgetting our struggle and those who paid the price for human rights and peace. The State of the Black Union, bringing the best and brightest minds together, allowed us to keep our eyes on the prize. Now, the question is, “What really is the prize?” For me, it was not electing the first-African American president. It is about “expecting” to elect the first-African American president without “looking past black people”. I promise you, when this country elects a Hispanic president, that candidate will not look past his/her history to get there. I hope I live to see the day.
    Say what you may about President Clinton or President Bush, at least they had more Blacks on their cabinets….not czars.

  • Abdur Rahman Hugo-Tobbo

    I really don’t understand why so much cynicism vis-a-vis president barack Obama, he won the Nobel Prize and i believe that is fantastic, instead of celebrating that fact, a large number of us are questioning the motives, whether it is too early or not is not the issue, the rational for nominating Obama i suspect is in fact because he brought a new perspective in the international relations, he change the tone of the debate of course with God willing he will do more. The Palestinian Peace process with they Jews, the Nuclear issue with North-Krea and Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and so forth, he still has a lot to do and achieve. so please let’s be on the right side of history. London England

  • Steven

    The timing more than anything has qualified President Obama for the Nobel Peace Prize simply due to the fact that he is an African American President of the United States of America. That in itself is huge as a symbol of peace. He doesn’t have to say a word. Face it, if Barack Obama does not win the 2008 Presidency, America and all of its allies are headed for never ending war in disgust over the Bush administration’s unfavorable dealings of past affairs. The world wants to get alone and a President Barack Obama in this trying day and time signifies
    [ Yes We Can ]. Plain and simple ” No Barack Obama in 2008; No peace today.

  • Cindy Chan

    The reason the others considered were not chosen was because the president now has an endorsement from the international purveyors of peace, and potentially will have an effect on the entire planet, where Tsvangirai, the Dali Lama, and others’ effects will be more localized. Plus, none of the others considered for the Peace Prize, have now, nor have they ever had, the attention and admiration of the entire world, the way Mr. Obama now has. The Nobel Committee is making a statement to the world, that in spite of the obstacles, and the short time at the task, the man is righter than anyone has been. So right, that he overcomes the opinions of the detractors.
    I think a big part of understanding the situation, is following all of his professional speeches, and following the reaction he has evoked. From the moment he won Iowa, and all during the campaign, I watched C-Span for hours and hours a day. His speeches, and the reactions to them, to this minute, cause me to well with tears. President Obama has been dazzling people all over the country, since his work in politics began.
    And for those unaware, black folk have always been a peace-loving people, inclined to bring folks together in the most loving ways.
    We should have had a black person as president decades ago! We would likely be much further ahead than we are now! :)
    God Bless us all, and help everyone understand what good work is now being done, and how lucky we are to have a brilliant man of good character at the helm of our country at this time in history!

  • Anthony V. Toscano

    When giving a speech, President Obama’s emotional power of delivery distinguishes him from most other politicians, but powerful speeches are, so far, all that he has delivered. Most Americans view the Nobel committee as the elite club that it is. A bailout that would afford an average citizen the ability to make his mortgage payments on time would go a long way toward convincing those Americans who these days struggle that President Obama is worthy of such black-tie, cocktail party adulation.

  • Michele Earney

    Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize because of his accomplishments in an international world; with compassion and intelligence he has used his dialouge to promote peace for all humanity. He did not win the Nobel Peace prize because he is President of The United States; he won it for the man he is.

  • Arman Ghaffari

    If they really care about peace, they would give it to one of the only people that has always been antiwar and anti policing the world. He’s the only antiwar candidate with a shot at the 2012 election: Ron Paul.

  • Brian

    What did Obama do to deserve this? He is in charge of a military that is blowing up enemies and civilians in Pakistan and Afghanastan. He said that he wanted to end the war in Iraq and that continues to infinity. So, tell me, with these three on the obvious opposite of peace side of the argument, how could he win the award? It makes absolutely no sense at all!



  • sally

    I think that last moment of colonel Khadafi on this earth has something to say about Obama’s peace mission.

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