World AIDS Day 2009

December 1st, 2009, byStaff


Since 1988, December 1st has been World AIDS Day — the day to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS around the world. The theme this year — HIV: Reality — focuses on real accounts of life with HIV and AIDS.

And at a White House event on the eve of World AIDS Day, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced that the 2012 International AIDS Conference will be held in Washington, DC.

That announcement is significant, as the United States only recently lifted the entry ban for HIV-positive travelers. The ban will be lifted on January 4, 2010.


    This is a highly welcome development. It is an acknowledgement that the HIV/AIDS pandemic is a threat to our common humanity. The awareness is highly needed to stem the spread and erase the scourge of stigmatization which has resulted from the myths and misinformation of the virus.
    Science has been working round the clock to produce a complete cure. This, coupled with the many available anti-retroviral drugs, makes tha fight against the HIV/AIDS pandemic a must-win one. Awareness of it is therefore, a key factor in steming its scourge. Afterall, “knowledgement”, they say, “is power”.

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