Would the Founding Fathers Agree with the Tea Party? Web-exclusive with Ron Chernow

October 12th, 2010, by

In a recent opinion piece in The New York Times, Ron Chernow, biographer and author of Washington: A Life, takes on the Tea Party’s attempts at identifying with the nation’s founders.

Chernow states in the opinion piece, “…any movement that regularly summons the ghosts of the founders as a like-minded group of theorists ends up promoting an uncomfortably one-sided reading of history.”

After the interview with Chernow about his new book, which aired Tuesday, October 12, Tavis continued the conversation by asking Chernow to address the topic of the opinion piece. That two-minute Web-exclusive conversation is available below.

You might be surprised at what the biographer reveals in the Web-exclusive — not about the Tea Party, but about the founders.

If you missed the broadcast, click here to watch the video of to watch Tavis’ full conversation with Chernow, and check out our Web-exclusive below.

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