This is Art Now: Roberto Lautert’s iPhone Paintings

May 24th, 2012, by

This one's of David Hockney

The iPhone and its ubiquitous and far-reaching apps can be used for everything from ordering dinner to finding true love. It’s also the source of some marvelous new visual art.

Following the lead of The New Yorker, which ran a cover created on an iPhone, Sao Paulo artist Roberto Lautert has created a series of paintings of contemporary artists using his iPhone, 3G and the Finger Draw app. The images were drawn on the phone, then vectored to a larger scale so they could eventually be printed onto canvas. While the “brushstrokes” look like just that from afar, up close, the true medium of the works becomes clear.

It appears to be a statement on innovation, expression and the progress of visual art, but it’s also a great demonstration of the capabilities of new technology and just how much that little phone in your pocket can do.

Via: CoolHunting

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