Why Faith Will Take a Front Seat in 2012

July 19th, 2011, by

The level of ambiguity in reporting today on a candidate’s faith is providing a unique opportunity for 2012 candidates looking to break free from the noise of a one-size-fits-all Christianity. It provides an opportunity for candidates to have a more candid discussion about their faith and religious beliefs that doesn’t fit that description, but an authentic look at how faith informs them as potential decision makers for our country’s future.

Candidates willing to go beyond soundbytes in their expression of faith will most likely set themselves apart  from an already crowded pack of candidates and may be the sign of leadership and distinction voters today are looking for.

Over at GetReligion.org, reporter Bobby Ross writes about the ambiguous use the term  “evangelical Christian” and how it lacks giving any candidate a real description of his or her faith or religious beliefs. It’s an interesting look at how a multitude of different religious beliefs can be painted with broad strokes — making it all the more important that candidates speak up and share their faith more openly.

So this lack of real specificity in reporting on a candidate’s Christianity or faith may be the answer to some candidates’ prayers. Having the chance to stake out territory in a competitive nomination process is a gift any candidate would hope for. In the coming months, we will all see voters not only get to learn more about their candidate’s faith, but candidates actually feel more comfortable sharing it.

Last modified: July 25, 2011 at 12:09 pm