China Week

For five nights, Tavis brings you stories from the People’s Republic of China. Taped in Beijing and Shanghai, the series examines the growing superpower’s economic boom and its challenges, including the complexity of U.S.-China relations. The series features the following:

Mon. – A report on Chinese innovation, technology and the economic boom
– An examination of China’s challenges, including pollution and poverty
– A conversation with Andrew Ballen, an expat who’s bringing hip-hop to China
– A look at 101 Middle School, one of China’s top schools
– A wide-ranging panel discussion with four prominent Chinese-Americans

Inside This Feature

  • cindyfan_rs
    Do today’s Americans know more about China and the Chinese? Yes, definitely. But if you haven’t visited or lived in China, the chance is that your impressions of China are quite negative.
  • tavisreflection1
    Is China a rich country or a poor country? Watch Tavis' video diary from China and join the discussion.
  • jeremyberry
    In the latter half of the 20th century, Chinese culture had a noticeable influence on Blacks in America. But how did African American and urban countercultures influence Chinese adolescents, especially given the disparate upbringings?
  • ChinaTripVondaPaige 216
    I’d been thinking about this trip since my boss came back from his visit in 2010 and talked about what he had experienced and witnessed. When he said he was thinking of organizing an employee trip, I immediately claimed that it be so.
  • Andrew Ballen (right), Dr. Cornel West (center) and Tavis.
    Made in China—a phrase seen and understood all over the globe. But there was one cultural facet that lacked a Chinese signature until 1999: hip-hop.
  • Children's Palace
    From Beijing to Shanghai. The Great Wall to Tiananmen Square. View a gallery of images taken by Tavis' staff.
  • womeninchina
    What is life like for women in China? Do men and women receive equal treatment? Are women happy? Tavis posed all of those questions to the head of a Beijing-based polling firm that has done research on quality of life in China. Her answers might surprise you.
  • Ivan Brugere

    It seems that the video of these segments from China Week are not available online? Is this correct?

  • Frank and Jean Woo

    Where can we see this program? What station and what time? We used to watch Tavis Smiley every evening. Then he is no longer with KCET. We cannot find the program anywhere.

  • Tamika Thompson

    Thank you for your interest, Frank and Jean. If you’re in Southern California, then you will be able to find “Tavis Smiley” on PBS SoCal (KOCE). Check here for further information –

    -”Tavis Smiley” staff

  • Tamika Thompson

    Thank you for your interest, Ivan. Full shows are available online within 24 hours of broadcast.

    -”Tavis Smiley” staff

  • Sheila Hu

    I looked carefully but still could not figure out the hours the program will be on. would you suggest?

  • Tamika Thompson

    Thank you for your interest, Sheila. For information on where to watch “Tavis Smiley,” visit –

    -”Tavis Smiley” staff

  • Leah Reyes-Ramos

    I Watch Tavis almost nightly, I watched Charlie Rose first. I enjoy them both for the intimacy the audience is allowed during the interview. I’m really enjoying the insight of this weeks China visit. My son has more of an interest in Japan and its culture of animae but I want him to see what Tavis has shown this week on China.

  • Rachel Julie Schwartz

    I watched the show last night on was good to see and i was very moved and sad..i would like to sponcer a child and help the family…its a shame they have to live and work like that but i see they are very strong people and have to only love one child and that child only gets one chance in life and a very hard one at that..keep the good work up….i am from uk but live in the usa my children have been lucky….

  • Thomas Teamoh

    I am really curious to see Travis shows on the web since I live in China, Chongqing City in the south central region. When Americans come to China they need to visit the heartland of China, not just the coastal big cities which do not reflect the all the Chinese people or culture. As a retired African American, Vietnam veteran and from Harlem New York City, my life experience throughout Asian has been destined by heaven. I truly invite Travis to visit, see and learn more of a great civilization and its people.

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