Tavis’ Reflections from China

At the close of his China trip, Tavis reflects on his travels to Beijing and Shanghai and ponders whether the Asian superpower is a rich country or a poor country.

  • Leslie Ayres

    I am so looking forward to this exceptional documentary, experiences and discoveries about the people of China and their economic realities on the ground.

  • Asakawa Kazuya

    I have never seen a China like this, real and overall and was different to the one I ever knew. It is changing surprisingly. Looking forward to the whole series.

  • Shiming

    I am a Chinese students studying in the U.K. All I want to say is that if you haven’t visited or lived in China, you will never be able to understand China and Chinese people.Chinese culture is completely different with the western culture. Welcome to China. You will have a completely different understanding of China.

  • Mujer

    Based on the comments, it appears that your show is no longer national on TV and is only seen locally in California. Am I correct?

    Also, the old web site had and extensive library of old (2008,2009) archived videos that I’m no longer able to find on the new web site. Are these returning? It seems like Charlie Rose still has a complete archive. I was searching for old videos of President Obama and others. Thanks.

  • Tamika Thompson

    Tavis Smiley on PBS is aired nationally throughout the PBS system. PBS Web sites automatically detect your location and list the broadcast schedule for your nearest PBS station. On the “Tune-In” page of Tavis’s PBS site, you will see at the page top an option to edit your default location. This will allow you to see schedules for PBS stations that are outside of your broadcast area.

    As to our Archive, due to cost constraints and evolving web-video standards, our archive of programs now goes back to April of 2010. Since much of our programming deals with timely issues, we felt that our resources were better spent on rapidly delivering the best video experience as close to the broadcast as possible. From our “Watch Now” page, you can access all available interviews by date, guest’s last name, or through a search. Charlie Rose’s site is not hosted by PBS and is not using the the same video delivery system that Tavis and other PBS programming use online.

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    Tavis Smiley staff

  • CKCappelle

    Today’s program from China (part 2) was incredibly touching and a wonderfully sensitive way to present difficult issues. Definitely the first time I’ve teared up watching the program. Thank you for highlighting also the topic of the environment. This was the best news of the week!

  • M Hakeem

    I think the question of whether China is a rich nation or a poor one is very interesting. I just returned to the U.S after studying in Beijing for eight weeks and am glad that I decided to study there. It was very apparent that there were many people who were ‘poor’ (economically speaking). But I also noticed that everyone seemed to be content. I don’t know if this is because they are truly happy or have accepted their lot in life.
    In any case, I feel that there is so much that we (the West) can learn from Chinese culture. The key would be to approach the culture with an open mind and an understanding that being a ‘developed’ nation does not mean that we are highly developed in all areas of life.

  • Richie

    Tavis, I am beginning to appreciate your style of journalism more as you start to have a balance, unbiased view of the world. Having just return from a 3 month visiting to China, I must say the Chinese government is doing a better job for their citizens than the U.S government. America is very divided with race issues while the single race Chinese understand that “American Freedoms” are not in its best interest.

  • Shelly

    We can’t escape the fact how China’s economy has progressed over the years despite the presence of human rights inequalities. Only time will tell how much more the United States will become reliant on China.
    Thanks for the reflection and keeping us abreast of what makes and breaks this superpower nation.

Last modified: July 12, 2011 at 4:05 pm