“Latino Nation: Beyond The Numbers”

Whether of Mexican, Cuban, South American or Caribbean heritage, America’s destiny is forever linked to its recognition and understanding of its diverse Latino citizens. Gone forever are the days of painting Latinos as a monolithic or insignificant community. In many respects, as the Latino community goes, so goes America.
— Tavis

Hosted in partnership with the William C. Velásquez Institute, “Latino Nation: Beyond The Numbers” panelists examined a full range of Latino influence on American life, from the economy to politics, healthcare to education, immigration to foreign policy, as well as solutions for economic growth in this vital community.

They also challenged stereotypes that plague the 14 million Latino voters, whose ranks grow by approximately 20% every four years.

We aired the nationally televised symposium for three nights, beginning Wednesday, April 10 through Friday April 12, 2013, with participants that included the following individuals. (Click on the name to learn more about the panelist.)

Hector Barreto
Chairman, Latino Coalition; former SBA administrator




Oscar Chacon
Executive director, National Alliance of Latin American & Caribbean Communities




Maria Elena Durazo
Executive secretary-treasurer, Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO




Domingo Garcia
Principal, Law Offices of Domingo Garcia




Jesus Garcia
Commissioner, District 7, Cook County, IL




Antonio González
President, William C. Velásquez Institute




Rep. Luis Gutiérrez




Xavier Gutierrez
President-Chief Investment Officer, Meruelo Capital Partners




Bettina Inclán
Republican political strategist




David Montejano
Ethnic studies professor, University of California, Berkeley




Ana Navarro
Republican political strategist




Aracely Panameño
Director Latino Affairs, Center for Responsible Lending




Adriana Quintero
Senior attorney-director, La Onda Verde de NRDC




Thomas A. Saenz
President-general counsel, MALDEF




Stephanie Sanchez
Student trustee board member, Chicago State University




Mary Rose Wilcox
Supervisor, District 5, Maricopa County, AZ

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