Feeding America president and CEO Vicki B. Escarra helped to build the domestic hunger-relief network into a billion-dollar organization.

She also serves on the advisory board of Food Insecurity, the Congressional Hunger Center and HealthNet.

Watch Escarra’s recent conversation, where she shares her concerns about the poverty crisis facing America’s women and children, and check out articles by and about Escarra as a primer for her role as a “Remaking America” panelist.

Articles by and about Escarra

1) “A Season of Giving? Apparently Not.” (The Huffington Post, December 2011)

2) “A Hunger for Funding: The CEO of Feeding America talks about the struggle to replace declining government money” (The Wall Street Journal, November 2011)

3) “1 in 6 Americans Still Struggle With Hunger” (The Huffington Post, September 2011)

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