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Throughout the year, Tavis will have conversations about health and healthcare issues as part of our “Road to Health” series.

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  • valerie a. short

    I really enjoyed watching the show regarding the documentary,’The Waiting Room’, featuring Peter Nicks. But I have not as of yet seen the movie. I had kept a watch out for it here in Mississippi, but must have missed it still somehow. Where has it been shown and how can I view it at this time? I have a sister who is an ER physician and she is the director of the ER where she works and I am a physician who also has spent many a day working in the ER. Both my sister and I have been patients in the ER as well as other family members and friends, therefore we have seen it from both perspectives. Peter Nicks is pretty much right on the money with his movie! A job well done!

Last modified: November 6, 2012 at 9:42 am