Cardiologist Eric Topol

A leading voice on the digital revolution in medicine, Dr. Topol talks about his text, The Creative Destruction of Medicine.

  • Gary Thomas

    Thank you for having Dr. Topol on as a guest. In the U.S. your own blood and lab results are not your property. Many U.S. physicians don’t want you to have access to that info because they want the $35-$175 for the f/u office visit. Contrast this with some European health systems, where the patient owns all their health data which is given to the patient on updated flash drive cards (that look like our insurance cards), so you carry it in your pocket; greatly reducing duplicated tests, driving healthcare costs downward. The U.S. needs to join the 21st century and push for a National Digital Healthcare System.

Last modified: July 15, 2013 at 10:02 am