Dr. Richard Jackson

Dr. Richard Jackson, UCLA professor and host of the PBS series Designing Healthy Communities, describes what it truly means to build a healthy community.

  • freddie mccrimmon

    I enjoy what Dr Jackson is doing to change people live an cause people to live longer. I really love what they did with that project in atlanta,It make me want to move there.

  • Anna Tanguma

    I was elated to hear such novel, creative thinking, especially because I had had the thought and question as to how to build “health villages”, that would provide healthy environments for the under privileged in particular- having access to nutritional, psychosocial, economic and spiritual wellness. I myself cannot initiate the idea, but I can definitely “call it forth”.

    And, I am amazed when I am witness to higher minds that are called- to do “greater mighty” things.

    Thank you Tavis and Dr Cornel, for being such people too and for being available to announce so many of the best minds, that can initiate differences to our being, this country and our world, for the better, on behalf of all. “The result of righteousness is peace” and this of course is our aim. God Bless always

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