The California Endowment CEO Dr. Robert K. Ross

Dr. Ross, a longtime advocate for children’s health, expresses his concern over the crisis in the U.S. involving boys and young men of color.

  • pjmurphy

    I worked in profession involvin juveniles of all colors and emphasized too much and giving fruit for blaming instead of taking responsibility for behaviors, i.e.teenag girls popping out babies every year, no daddy present most of the time and many times, these exploited girls did not even know who the Daddy of their baby was. America is on it’s 5th generation of such uncontrolled behavior. Most of these children will not stay in school. Much of my work day was joining local truancy officers and tracking down kids and taking them back to school. We took them in one door and they walked many times out the back door. Education is pitiful in america because teachers spend much of the day or dealing with main streamed kids that disrupt teaching and learning processes. Politicians have trapped these generations of victims with unending welfare and all incentive is lost to stay in school and become self sustaining. Recently read an article regarding a reporter interviewing Dennis Rodman, the famous athlete. He states in the article he had not seen his dad in over twenty years. When talking with his father, the Dad informed him that he had fathered over 23 babies and of course did not support them. taxpayers do! This is one of the MAJOR problems confronting America. A country with half of it’s population illiterate will sink into 3rd world system where these poor people are brain washed by nefarious leaders and electe officials on all levels. Our country is doomed and in my opinion is quickly moving into a third world country, i.e. Greece, France, Ireland, Italy and all the other areas of the world not to mention the horrors of some African states where despots have reigned forever exploiting their people while they steal an live like Royalty. Blaming the rich is a laugh…taxes support the welfare folks and Obama is worth around ten million dollars last time I read a discussion of his wealth he inherited from his white Grandma!

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