Targeting Terrorists: Counterterrorism in a Post-9/11 World

Until 2001, surviving or witnessing a suicide attack was something that most Americans only read about – the al Qaeda backed attacks on the USS Cole and the bombing of the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, for instance. Then, on September 11, 2001, life in America changed.

Ten years have passed. And Americans continue to grapple with the reality of a new world, as we remove our shoes before a flight or as we become extra vigilant when the Homeland Security secretary informs us of our terrorist threat level.

But are we safer? Have we won the war against al Qaeda and against terrorism more broadly? Watch conversations from our show archives, explore counterterrorism documents and join the discussion.

Be sure to watch our conversation with Jim Whitaker, the director and producer of the 9/11 film Rebirth, and also tune in Friday, September 9 for our conversation with Lauren Manning, a 9/11 survivor and author of the text Unmeasured Strength.

Inside This Feature

  • Photo by Stefano Corso, Wikimedia Commons
    10 years after 9/11, as we take stock of the steps taken to quell international terrorism, we remain all too cognizant that international terrorism continues unabated, and that we still cannot let down our guard even for a second. While the United Nations and the international community-at-large have made great strides in dealing with terrorism, the ability to implement these mandates remains seriously uneven.
  • bv037-9-11
    How do we measure success in our war with al Qaeda when it is -- as the State Department put it -- “globalized insurgency” and a “network” with a core organization and “numerous confederated extremist groups”? Are we winning this war? And are we safer? Join the discussion.
  • RichardClarke
    What did the death of Osama bin Laden really mean for al-Qaeda? Are Americans safer now that he is gone? Counterterrorism expert Richard A. Clarke answers that question.
  • Two_captured_suicide_bombers_in_Kunar_province_rs3
    What did the death of Osama bin Laden mean for al Qaeda and our chances of being attacked again by that terrorist organization? Will he become a martyr? After returning from Afghanistan, investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill shares what he learned while reporting from the heart of Taliban territory about the real threat to American interests.
  • Operation_Infinite_Reach_2
    When the United States remains focused on Afghanistan, what do we miss? Watch a conversation with Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley, who argues that the real fight might be someplace else.
  • bing-west
    Are we doing too much in Afghanistan? Should our mission stop at nabbing terrorists or should we be building a better Afghanistan? Join the discussion.
  • 911CommissionReportCard1
    Are we safer? Have we implemented the recommendations from The 9/11 Commission Report? A 10-year anniversary report card reveals the nine recommendations that have gone unfulfilled. Find out what they are and join the discussion.
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