Can the Republican Party Survive in a Multiethnic America?’s editor-at-large weighs in on the presidential campaign.

  • Eric Wilson

    Wow!!!!, social programs for white people.

  • Marrian Stinson

    As a person who believes in the MOST HIGH it is a shame that he Republican Party who is 99.9% White show nothing but hatred and contempt for minorities and women. Their contempt against Blacks and Hispanics for the very social programs and big government that they used from the 20′s through the 60′s to pull many of them out of poverty. We are not all Foodstamp people and how dare Newt make this claim when there are more Whites on this program than anyone else. My mother and father left the South in the 50′s and were working to have something when he died an unusual death, he fell by accident. My mother was thirty three and raised five children on her own. She was sickly and was severely injured in her back but she survived without Foodstamp. In Georgia the highest grade went to eleven. She graduate and went back to just to get the twelfth grade because she wanted too. She also received an associate degree from college. Three of her five have completed college. My brother has a Master, my sister two Master and working on her Doctorate in Nursing, I have a Biblical History degree and specialize in Afrikan History as well. My other two brother’s one is retired but had an outstanding job and now lives in Florida; my other is a certified heating and air and works for an apartment complex. We all have fair I feel very well. Religion should notbe in politic but in should be in doing right by the life we live. May you all be bless.

Last modified: November 6, 2012 at 1:22 pm