Singer-songwriter Amos Lee

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Lee performs a track from his latest CD, ‘Mission Bell.’

In February '04, Amos Lee was tending bar at a club in his native Philly. Six months later, he was playing to a sold-out crowd at the same spot and has opened shows for Bob Dylan, B.B. King and Norah Jones. The elementary schoolteacher-turned-singer-songwriter began playing acoustic guitar and writing songs while attending the University of South Carolina. Since his self-titled debut CD in '05, his work has also been heard on numerous TV shows, including Grey's Anatomy and Brothers & Sisters, and his recent release, "Mission Bell," is his fourth album.


Tavis: When Amos Lee joined us recently on this program for the release of his latest CD he was kind enough to perform a second song for us which we’ll share with you right now.
This week his critically acclaimed “Mission Bell” grabbed the top spot on the Billboard charts, and so from the project, here is Amos performing “Out of the Cold.” Enjoy. Good night from L.A. and keep the faith.
[musical performance]
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