Singer-songwriter Raphael Saadiq

Grammy-winning artist gives a sneak preview performance of a track from his newest CD.

A pioneer of neo-soul, Grammy winner Raphael Saadiq produces, sings and plays several instruments. At age 6, he played bass in his Oakland, CA hometown. At 18, he played with Prince. Saadiq was a founding member of the supergroups Tony! Toni! Toné! and Lucy Pearl and has produced tracks for numerous artists. He made history with his debut solo effort, "Instant Vintage," as the first artist nominated for a Grammy without a major record deal. His new CD, "Stone Rollin'," is the follow up to '08's "The Way I See It, which was iTunes Album of the Year.


Tavis: Raphael Saadiq’s much anticipated new CD is called “Stone Rollin'”. It won’t be available until its release in May and, in May, the talented singer-songwriter will join us for a conversation here about the new project. But tonight, he and his band were kind enough to drop by and give us a sneak preview of the record. So from the upcoming CD, “Stone Rollin'”, here is Raphael Saadiq performing the song, “Just Don’t”.
Enjoy, goodnight from Los Angeles, and keep the faith.
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