Singer/Songwriter Jewel Performs

The Grammy-nominated artist sings the song “Mercy” from her latest album, Picking Up the Pieces.

Since her first pop hit in '96, multiplatinum selling singer Jewel has established herself as one of the most successful musicians of her generation. The multi-dimensional artist has been featured on Time's cover—a distinction given to few musicians—and her debut poetry collection topped The New York Times' best-seller list. She began her music career at age 6, performing with her parents in Alaska, and released her first CD at age 20. She recently released a bestselling memoir, titled Never Broken: Songs Are Only Half the Story, and a new album, Picking Up the Pieces.


Jewel: “Simplicity, does not come easy

When you’re dreaming of being someone else

And grace you see is fleeting

When you’re bleeding your inner self

Have Mercy on me please

Have Mercy, I’m on my knees

I’m being broken again and again

I’ll keep being broken until I remain


When you’re locked away,

Fighting shadows, constant battles

Trying to feel safe

When your own armor starts killing you,

Cause it’s causing you to sink beneath its weight

Call for mercy, won’t you please

Call for mercy, get on your knees

You’re being broken, again and again

You’ll keep being broken, until you remain


So feel the pain, give into it

Cry till you crack, that’s how the light gets in

Set your weapons on the ground

Until you’re naked and trembling now

And when you think you can’t stand any more

Give mercy to someone in need

Give mercy, don’t you see

Life will break our hearts, again and again

We’ll keep being broken until we remain


Can’t you see

I have broken wide open

Let yourself be broken wide open

I have broken open.”

Jewel: Thank you.

Tavis: Can I just go home now?

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