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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
– Benjamin Franklin

In this column, “A Wealth of Knowledge,” Michelle Singletary answers your basic personal finance questions every week. Put yourself on the road to wealth by seeking answers to financial questions that you don’t know.

Expert Advice

Our financial expert suggests smart ways for a viewer to use her tax refund.

A viewer asks whether it is a good idea to put money in the stock market and let it sit.

Our financial expert offers practical advice on building your emergency fund during these tough economic times.

Our financial expert offers financial must-dos for those who have been laid off or are concerned about getting laid off.

Our financial expert discusses the Obama administration’s new program to help millions of homeowners avoid foreclosure.

Our financial expert discusses employee loyalty and the current economic situation.

If you’re interested in investing in this volatile stock market, our financial expert recommends buying mutual funds and stresses the importance of diversification.

Our financial expert says that getting out of debt is an important goal—especially during hard financial times.

Our financial expert offers advice on paying off credit card debt when the card issuer has increased interest rates.

If a viewer calls her lender and explains the financial hardship her family is in, will they be willing to work with her even though she hasn’t missed payments?

A viewer asks if she should cash out her IRA to make a downpayment on a bargain house in a desirable area.

A viewer asks how to start investing for her daughters’ college education.

Our financial expert gives advice on what to do with your retirement account when leaving a job.

A viewer asks for advice on investing in municipal bonds.

A viewer asks how to best deal with her 401(k) amid the recent drops in the stock market.

Our financial expert gives a college student advice on how to start investing in mutual funds.

A viewer asks what to do with the information she’s learned after snooping through her fiancĂ©’s financial files.

Our financial expert gives advice on how to deal with a husband who is tight with money, doesn’t balance the books and has multiple bank accounts.

A viewer asks whether she should cash out her IRA to pay off her mortgage.

A viewer asks whether he should take advantage of today’s low prices to invest in banks.

A stay-at-home mom wonders whether she should go back into the workplace in order to pay off her familiy’s credit card debt and not feel as financially strapped.

A 77-year-old viewer asks whether she should sell her house and buy a condo or rent an apartment.

A viewer asks how best to use the money he had been spending on his car payment.

A viewer considers investing some of her school loan each semester to raise money to open a business.

A viewer asks whether she should put her retirement money into something safer, given the current problems with the market.

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