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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
– Benjamin Franklin

In this column, “A Wealth of Knowledge,” Michelle Singletary answers your basic personal finance questions every week. Put yourself on the road to wealth by seeking answers to financial questions that you don’t know.

Expert Advice

Our financial expert offers advice for weathering the current economic storm and putting yourself on the path to prosperity.

A viewer asks whether she should withdraw money from her 401K to pay off some of her law school loans.

Our financial expert explains the “snowball method” of paying off credit card debt.

Our financial expert discusses whether a viewer should apply for a mortgage alone because her husband-to-be has a low credit score.

Get information on the services a financial adviser can provide and advice on picking one.

Can a bank take away a line of credit even if your payment history is perfect? Our financial expert discusses how to deal with scared lenders during troubling times in the housing market.

One of the major credit bureaus has agreed to provide up to 9 months of free credit monitoring services to potentially 150 million consumers. Find out more about why and if you qualify.

If you have extra (also called “discretionary”) monthly income, should you use it to pay down debt or should you invest it?

A reader asks if mortgage lenders will help adjust or refinance loans even if the borrower hasn’t missed any payments, but is having financial hardships.

If your son or daughter is going to college nearby, should they continue living at home or take on a loan to pay for independent housing? Our personal finance expert weighs in on the options.

Get advice on how much to keep in an emergency fund for living expenses and where to keep it.

Our financial expert tells home buyers how they can avoid ending up with a lemon.

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