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Career Advancement

With the increased competition in the work world and other global factors, it is up to you to take control and take your career to where you want it to be. Whether you want to get promoted or increase your value in the workforce, here are some strategies that will help you meet your professional goals.

  • Ask for more – Taking on more work and responsibility is a surefire way of showing your boss that you are willing to take the next step. This also shows your value to the company and gives your employer more reason to promote you.
  • Show your worth – If you have a unique skill, have recently accomplished or met a goal, play it up! Let your peers and those in positions of power in your company know. Exhibiting confidence and realizing your worth becomes contagious and your employers will take note of this.
  • Think outside of the box – Approaching situations in unique and innovative ways shows a level of thinking that is outside of the norm. This is advantageous because you can start a trend in the workplace or spark a creative renaissance. Standing out from the crowd will help you get compensated accordingly.
  • Become a scholar – Never become complacent with what you know. A willingness to learn more about your profession and other departments within the company shows an ability to adapt. This is a valuable asset to you because it shows your boss (or potential new boss) that you can adjust and be multifaceted.
  • Networking – Knowing people may be as important as skills in the professional world. Having a good network allows you to offer your experience and skills in other professional avenues. New and exciting opportunities become available when you expose yourself to a wide array of people.
  • Keep a good reputation – Being seen in a good light by your peers is perhaps the most important thing you can have in your career. Negative word about you will spread quickly and hurt chances to advance.
  • One-on-one – The most difficult thing to do in any profession is to sit down and have a personal conversation with your boss. Keep the conversation professional, mature and to the point. Tell your boss what you want out of your career and ask what his or her expectations are for you. Be willing to ask about your future with the company and what you can do to advance within the company.


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