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Stretching Fuel

Gas prices are continuing to surge and motorists are scrambling to find the cheapest gas in town. Although some alternative energy solutions are being developed, many of these alternatives are years away. The reality is that we are still reliant on oil in our everyday lives. Here are some tips to help you achieve better fuel economy.

  • Routine maintenance – Regular oil changes and oil filter replacements keep your car running optimally, which helps it burn fuel more efficiently. Consider getting your fuel injector serviced as well.
  • Less air conditioning – Using air conditioning at high levels and long intervals depletes your gas quickly. Instead roll down the windows and let the breeze cool you down.
  • Drive slower – While difficult for most, slowing down to a consistent speed on the freeway will help your gas last longer. Sudden stops and quick accelerations are major culprits for sucking away gas. Who cares if you are getting passed; you are trying to save money!
  • Leave early – Giving yourself more time to get somewhere makes you less likely to speed.
  • Carpool – Take one car and share the cost of gas as much as possible.
  • Cruise control – Almost a standard feature in most new cars, cruise control keeps your car’s throttle open while you simply steer. Using cruise control when the roads are open keeps your car going at a steady and consistent speed.
  • Learn to use shortcuts – Avoiding lights and using back roads can help you avoid stop and starts at red lights. Avoid streets that are highly congested and streets with construction. Also, the use of toll roads shortens your commute, and less time spent on the road means you are not using your fuel.
  • Turn your engine off – Drivers often leave their engines running while unloading the car, dropping off mail, in long drive-through lines and other situations. Leaving your engine on and idle in these situations still burns fuel.


Last modified: April 11, 2011 at 3:53 pm