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Bill Strickland
Job-training expert addresses why so many disenfranchised people believed they were not capable of learning competitive skills. watch

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Money Management

Danny Schechter
Emmy-winning producer and In Debt We Trust filmmaker discusses how people have gotten into deep, deep debt (8:39). watch

Careers & College

Cathie Black
Hearst Magazines’ president gives advice on climbing the corporate ladder (10:40). watch

Rep. George Miller
Chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee discusses legislation for making college more affordable (12:05). watch

Dr. Lois Frankel
Female empowerment expert discusses women in the workplace and leadership (10:19). watch


Stephanie Elam
CNN business news correspondent weighs in on the subprime credit crisis (10:11). watch


Michael Sivy
MONEY magazine’s editor-at-large discusses the implications of turmoil in the credit and stock markets (9:12). watch

John C. Bogle
Vanguard Group founder gives common sense investing advice (13:08). watch


Muhammad Yunus
Banker and Nobel laureate explains how social businesses can eradicate poverty (10:46). watch

Nell Merlino
Count Me In co-founder talks about impediments to women entrepreneurs growing their businesses (7:59). watch

Maria Contreras-Sweet
Bank founder says, “The only difference between a sous chef and a restaurant owner is access to capital” (10:23). watch


David Cay Johnston
Pulitizer Prize-winning journalist says “we are taking from those with less…and giving to those at the very, very top” (12:14). watch

Michael Shermer
Founding publisher of Skeptic magazine discusses the premise behind his book, The Mind of the Market (10:47). watch

Thomas L. Friedman
Three-time Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and best-selling author talks about the potential for unifying America around environmental issues (23:33). watch

Paul Krugman
Economist and New York Times Op-Ed columnist explains why the middle class in the U.S. is disappearing (12:26). watch

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