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March 28th, 2011

There was a time when it looked like this week’s guest, Ted Danson, was receding into the shadows of Hollywood, his best contributions to the screen behind him. Clearly, that’s no longer the case. Following the success of Cheers, whose 1993 finale was watched by 80 million people, Ted Danson was one of the most [...]

Airdate: March 28, 2011

Emmy-winning actor, environmentalist and author of Oceana: Our Endangered Oceans and What We Can Do to Save Them explains the backstory of his commitment to the conservation of oceans.

Airdate: March 25, 2011

Award-winning actress discusses which type of character she has to work harder at–comedic or dramatic.

Airdate: March 24, 2011

Acclaimed artist and filmmaker discusses the ongoing Palestinian-Israeli conflict as it relates to his controversial new film and explains why one can’t separate a story from the way that it’s told.

Airdate: March 11, 2011

Actor-producer-author shares what it’s like to play a Black president and explains why Black artists need to create their own film projects.

Airdate: March 10, 2011

Actor explains why his character in Battle: Los Angeles is the only one in his career that he’s been sad to move on from.

Airdate: March 9, 2011

Hip-hop artist explains why it took three long years for the release of his latest album.

Airdate: March 3, 2011

Busy actor discusses the business side of filmmaking and explains why African Americans must create their own film projects.

Airdate: March 1, 2011

Motown legend discusses his recovery from drug addiction and offers advice to his ‘little brother’ El DeBarge, who recently returned to rehab for his own addiction.

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February 28th, 2011

If you watched the Academy Awards Sunday night, then you likely heard Inside Job director Charles Ferguson’s acceptance speech after his film won for best documentary. Ferguson’s acceptance speech began this way: “Forgive me, I must start by pointing out that three years after our horrific financial crisis caused by massive fraud, not a single [...]