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Airdate: April 1, 2013

The doctors discuss the research for their text, Always the Fat Kid: The Truth About the Enduring Effects of Childhood Obesity.

Dr. Linda Bradley
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December 12th, 2012

Annually, we all make resolutions usually related to financial, spiritual, educational or physical health. Renowned Cleveland Clinic surgeon Dr. Linda Bradley wants you to think about your most important possession, and says healthy individuals make stronger communities.

Dr. Linda Bradley
Airdate: December 13, 2012

Our Road to Health series continues with the internationally recognized surgeon and a look at efforts to empower women toward a more pro-active healthcare approach.

Airdate: November 28, 2012

Dr. Ross, a longtime advocate for children’s health, weighs in on healthcare issues in the U.S., particularly for boys and young men of color.

Airdate: November 2, 2012

A leading voice on the digital revolution in medicine, Dr. Topol talks about his text, The Creative Destruction of Medicine.

Airdate: October 24, 2012

The Emmy-winning filmmaker shares lessons learned in making his new documentary on healthcare in the U.S., The Waiting Room.

Airdate: October 25, 2012

One of the stars of the U.S. Olympic team at the London Games, Felix talks about her advocacy for a number of issues, including childhood obesity.

Airdate: October 17, 2012

The Duke University professor explains his groundbreaking work, detailed in the text, Critical Decisions.

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July 5th, 2012

The outspoken environmental activist is featured in the documentary, Last Call at the Oasis, which highlights the vital role of water in our everyday lives and those struggling with defects in the current system. Read up on her and tune in to see the conversation.

Airdate: July 2, 2012

The Salon.com columnist weighs in on the Supreme Court’s healthcare ruling, explains her text, What’s the Matter with White People?, and assesses the evolution of the race and class discussion.

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