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Airdate: April 26, 2010

New Orleans mayor-elect discusses the changes in his city since his father was mayor 32 years ago.

Blog: Staff & Guest Blog
April 21st, 2010

“When the well is dry, we learn the worth of water,” Benjamin Franklin quipped wisely over two centuries ago, long before it seemed conceivable that freshwater could become scarce across the planet or anyone imagined the need for an Earth Day. Today, for the first time in human history, the global well is starting to […]

Airdate: April 21, 2010

Indiana governor weighs in on the impact of the recession and the stimulus and healthcare bills on his state and comments on the possibility of a presidential run.

Blog: Staff & Guest Blog
April 21st, 2010

This is an excerpt from a post first published at the Progressive Policy Institute. Millions of Sudanese have just finished voting in their country’s first multiparty elections in 24 years. Election officials estimate that, in a relatively peaceful process, turnout of registered voters exceeded 70 percent nationwide, including up to 55 percent in one state […]

Airdate: April 14, 2010

Bank-bailout Congressional Oversight Panel chair weighs in on the foreclosure crisis and the potential of a consumer financial protection agency.

Blog: Staff & Guest Blog
April 13th, 2010

The facts say it all. About 17% of American children ages 2-19 are obese. Obese children are more likely than other children to have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and Type 2 diabetes. They are also more likely to be obese as adults. Add in the fact that obesity rates have tripled in the past […]

Airdate: April 8, 2010

Journalist discusses his ouster from the conservative think tank American Enterprise Institute and the ‘crisis of followship.’

Airdate: April 7, 2010

Homeboy Industries founder talks about dealing with the realities of gang life and what he hopes the takeaway will be for readers of his book.

Airdate: April 6, 2010

Political theorist and president-director of CivWorld at Demos weighs in on financial regulation, bipartisanship and the role of diplomacy.

Airdate: April 5, 2010

New House Ways and Means committee chair discusses the plan for financial reform and the importance of the healthcare reform bill.

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