Original air date: December 29, 2010

Dudamel: Conducting a Life

The fourth installment of Tavis Smiley Reports offers a candid look into the world of Los Angeles Philharmonic’s star conductor Gustavo Dudamel, as well as examines the resurgence of music programs across the United States. The episode also features additional artists who, like Dudamel, are working together to develop programs to introduce children to sheet music and classical music instruction, which is proving to have a dramatic impact on their lives.


Episode Expanded

Dr. José Antonio Abreu, an economist and musician, founded Venezuela's El Sistema ("the system") program in 1975 to bring free classical music education to the children of Venezuela. Learn about how his vision is slowly spreading around the world.
If you have any attachment to music in the schools, you don't need research or investigative journalism to know that things are in tough shape, not only here in the U.S., but across the developed world...
Tavis caught up with a few of the 2010 Abreu Fellows at Boston's New England Conservatory to get their thoughts on why it is so important to learn an instrument and to continue playing it into adulthood...
Tracey Hart, the mother of young musician Adam Hart, explains the positive effects of music education on her son's life and shares some of the challenges of keeping him interested in his instrument and dedicated to regular rehearsals...
Adam Hart, a timpanist for Youth Orchestra LA, shares his dream of following in the steps of LA Phil conductor Gustavo Dudamel...
Many have witnessed the brilliance of an orchestra conductor, standing before the symphony, holding a baton and directing the performance of some of classical music's most difficult pieces. But he or she does not play an instrument during the performance...
Los Angeles Philharmonic star conductor, Gustavo Dudamel, explains why classical music has the power to unite people...
After filming his late night show, Tavis takes some time to discuss his fourth primetime special, "Dudamel: Conducting a Life."...
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