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The school-to-prison pipeline oftentimes—and unfortunately—sees youth traveling between schools and prisons multiple times. Many programs have been created to combat the struggles of reintegrating to traditional schools and having kids stay in school.

Debra Duardo, director of pupil services for the Los Angeles Unified School District, discusses the challenges that these programs face in reintegrating and sustaining students in traditional schools, as well as the problem that students face in shaking the stigma of having attended a juvenile school. A high school dropout herself, Duardo realizes the importance of a diploma and a proper education and makes sure to pass on that knowledge and insight to any student that comes her way.


  • Ashley Blinn

    Such an important message. Thanks!!

  • Debbie Sierchio

    My kids started their education at home, and when they were old enough I enrolled them in a private school in the West Palm Beach area of FL and then we moved to Tallahassee where the elementary schools were better. My granddaughter started school in a Japanese Immersion school in AK and is now in a Performing Arts Middle School in the Tampa Bay area of FL. All of their combined education except for the first two years has been free other than purchased supplies and after school sport activities.

    If parents want their children to succeed they will find the best education available including home schooling. The problem with public schools is the lack of parental input and excepting the mundane allowing them to fail along with school boards and teachers who don’t realize that each generation deserves the very best education for the students to succeed. Art, music, shop, etc. are just as important as English, math, science and history programs. Well rounded education develops children to be well rounded adults.

    I just want to say thank you to all the teachers and parents who care and go the extra mile to ensure that their students and children receive the best educational environment available.

  • Frank Martinez

    Greetings. I am a recovering addict. Two years clean on Thursday the 28th of March 2013. I am currently enrolled in a program that helps adults with disabilities to get back on their feet. In my case drug addiction. The 1st year being clean I struggled with the fact that I am in my 40’s and going nowhere. This second year I applied for the A.C.C.E.S.S. program and decided I want to be a substance abuse councilor. After watching Tavis’s “Education Under Arrest” I really think I want to help troubled teens addicted to drugs and or alcohol. It really inspired me to do something,for kids, I think I should’v had when I became addicted some 30 years ago. Thanks Tavis. Your documentary is excellent.. Peace and Blessings

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