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Tavis Smiley Reports: “Education Under Arrest” premiered March 26.

Cities across the country are hosting public screenings followed by a panel discussion with educators, youth advocates, students and policymakers.



Host your own community screening and panel discussion for Tavis Smiley Reports: “Education Under Arrest.” College campuses, churches, organizations and homes across the country are taking responsibility to help our children succeed by reducing high school dropout rates and so can YOU!  Get involved today!

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This screening toolkit is a guide that highlights the key aspects of “Education Under Arrest” with discussion questions and helpful information for large or small groups.

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Community screenings and enlightening panel discussions were held in Albuquerque (NM), Chicago (IL), Houston (TX), Lake Charles (LA), Los Angeles (CA), New Orleans (LA), Philadelphia (PA), St. Louis (MO) and Seattle (WA).

  • Wynanda Jacoby

    wow that was actually quite frightning to watch.Is this country too late to fix this??USA is now #48 in education in the world.Finnland #1.The education minister of Finnland was invited to come and recommand procedures.His reply was the USA has too much poverty.!!Interesting as well.
    I think the main problem is too much sex!!!People are not being responsible and the parents or parent( I was my self a single parent of 2) are irresponsible. It costs a lot to have one child and most poor people have 6 and up.Why!!!??Maybe you should portray the parents and expose them for being irresponsible citizens .
    I was very impressed with the buildings in the film.My grand kids go to a school in Manmhattan Beach,Ca the school building is from 1953!!!Nothing like the kids you filmed have, sad they do not appreciate it.Also the teachers of today do not give a good example is dress code ,no respect can come from kids when teachers dress poorly like the students do.This then results in kids dressing even worse.Could they get a job when they dress like that,NO. Bad examples from parents and teachers ,no wonder these kids are messed up,not their fault really
    Yes do do a report on these negligent parents,white ,black,brown,yellow and red. Kids are being neglected here almost worse than in the third world.
    Thanks for being a well dressed reporter ,you get my respect for that and the reports. Bravo

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