Original air date: January 27, 2010

One on One with Hillary Clinton

The first Tavis Smiley Reports focuses on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as she completes her first year as America’s chief diplomat and looks ahead to the challenges of the next three years.

Tavis was granted exceptional access to Secretary Clinton and accompanied her on diplomatic missions abroad, to meetings on Capitol Hill and within the State Department itself, to give the American public a candid and incisive view of the inner workings of U.S. diplomacy and international relations.


Episode Expanded

Blogger Tamika Thompson talks with James Carter, Drew University history professor and author, who said that so far he has not been able to detect a so-called "Obama-Clinton Doctrine" on foreign relations.
We talk with Dr. Tom Zeiler, author and University of Colorado at Boulder professor, who said that Clinton has “changed the equation” for what it means to be a secretary of state.
Dr. William Taylor Fain, University of North Carolina-Wilmington professor and author, discusses Sec. Clinton's diplomatic style and whether she faces any unique foreign policy challenges.
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