Where’s the “Obama-Clinton Doctrine?”

By Tamika Thompson

For the final conversation in my series of talks with State Department and foreign relations historians, I spoke with James Carter, Drew University history professor and author of Inventing Vietnam: The United States and State Building, 1954 – 1968, who said that so far he has not been able to detect a so-called “Obama-Clinton Doctrine” on foreign relations.

Listen to audio clips from my conversation with Carter below, check out parts one and two of this audio series and watch Tavis’ One on One with Hillary Clinton.”


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Lessons from the Past

Clip One: Carter provides lessons that Sec. Clinton could learn from past secretaries of state (1:45).

Three for the Price of One

Clip Two: Carter explains how President Obama managed to get “three secretaries of state for the price of one” (1:11).

Three for the Price of One

Clip Three: Carter discusses the lack of an “Obama-Clinton Doctrine” and how the current administration operates within the context of Bush Administration foreign policy (1:48).


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