Aaron Draplin on Classic Design

November 13th, 2011, by

Have you ever noticed how graphic design, and specifically packaging, was so much cooler 50 years ago? Aaron Draplin has, and I couldn’t agree more. Draplin is the founder of Draplin Design Co., a Portland-based graphic design firm whose work you may recognize from the ultra-cool Field Notes notebooks (they make great gifts!), among other things.

LevelMag recently caught up with Draplin at his studio for a bit of show-and-tell and to hear the young designer sound off about his appreciation for vintage graphic design, buying things from old ladies and stealing nameplates in New Orleans. Some of Draplin’s language is a bit colorful (read: NSFW), but his sentiments are spot-on. I particularly like his observations about “Home Dee-pot.”

Long live good design!

Via A Continuous Lean

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