America’s Loss of Virtue

October 5th, 2011, by

Recently, like many of you, I witnessed and heard men and women cheering for a 30-year-old man not to get medical treatment and screams of “let him die” fill the air.

It was one of the worst moments I’ve seen in American politics. It was a heartless and unpatriotic display of contempt that underscores the loss of virtue in our society towards one another. Clearly, there’s no shortage of people to tell you what’s wrong with our country today.

But, what we seem to lack these days are men and women on the ground in and around our communities, leading with human decency and not depravity. As things stand today, we seem to have a citizenry that has plenty of venom, but lacks any sense of virtue.

In politics there’s no shortage of individuals saying, “God bless America;” but if America is going to be so heartless, can we really ask God to then bless it? If we’re going to be so ill-willed towards one another, we might as well remove the words “In God We Trust” and from our currency. Because a country that truly believed in God wouldn’t be so deprived of the spiritual compassion and human decency that are missing in this nation’s politics.

Even in our nation’s most notably held past debates, there were hotly contested discussions on real issues. In fact, when debates over these issues occurred, thousands attended to hear ideas concerning the paramount issues of the day. In that era, when men spoke of their political ideas, they defended their positions with conviction, not venom. I suspect the audiences did likewise and think we could all take a page from their era in doing the same.

As the stage is set for the next Republican debate on October 11, here’s my suggestion: hold one another accountable. Whether you’re a schoolteacher in the Midwest, or a political junkie in the Northeast or just a concerned citizen in general, take a stand against the fringe elements out there.

The more we begin to hold one another accountable for the shameful things people do and call them out when they’re doing the wrong thing, the sooner we’ll have an America God truly can bless.

Question: Are we really doing any better spiritually or morally than our forefathers when it comes to civility?

Last modified: October 10, 2011 at 1:58 pm