An “Awful” Summer Reading List

June 27th, 2011, by

Summer is a great time to read, and like most of us, I’ve got a few books lined up that I look forward to reading this summer. More on that to come, but in the meantime, here’s a great place to find books that you absolutely don’t need to read.

Awful Library Books is a Website devoted to the worst, most inappropriate and often most hilariously-titled (see: All About Meetings: A Practical Guide) books found in the nation’s public libraries, and it’s always an entertaining way to spend a few minutes online.

Run by a pair of Michigan librarians, ALB came into being as a way for the duo to showcase some of the questionable books they discovered and discuss the politics of library “weeding.” Surprisingly, the politics on library weeding is almost as compelling as the bizarre finds on the site–but it’s pretty hard to compete with Sawyer’s Paper-Bag Cookery.

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